From Poverty to E-commerce Mogul in Tanzania

When Bonaventure Mhonda was a child in rural Tanzania, it would have been impossible for him to think he would do anything like graduate from the University of Utah with a master’s in finance and become an e-commerce entrepreneur. Most people in his local area are poor, families struggle to feed themselves, and children walk […]

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For some entrepreneurs, taking an unexpected opportunity all the way really pays off. is an online platform created by Brandon Welch that allows doctors to visit with their patients online through video calls, for free. In 2012, Welch was a Ph.D. student at the University of Utah in biomedical infographics. While working on a […]

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From SWOT to “So What?”: A New Method for Analyzing Outcomes

SWOT analyses have been used by marketers for years while planning for the outcome of anything, from a product to an individual, in a specific market. SWOT is an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and is generally laid out in a four-plot grid, filled out with lists. While these analyses are the traditional […]

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Big Red Jelly: Marketing through Brand Storytelling

The Tiburonia Granrojo, better known as the “big red jellyfish,” was discovered in 2003. Although it is an unknown species to most, the jellyfish is considered the world’s most efficient animal. That is much like what Big Red Jelly, a University of Utah student startup, wants to provide through a marketing and strategy formula in the […]

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Weg’s Seasoning: Hand-blended Spices for All

Weg’s Seasoning is a company that can help “spice” up your life! The company was founded by Nathan Finch, a University of Utah MBA student. It specializes in hand-blended spices with no MSG or artificial flavors. Finch recently received a grant from the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute Get Seeded milestone funding program to further his business. We […]

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