Be a Judge

Volunteer Judging

We strive to support community engagement with our processes, so any student is eligible to be a judge. Complete the application below to apply. You must be able to commit at least three hours to evaluating applications and three hours for the Pitch Screening and Selection session.

A student cannot judge his or her own idea. If a judge pitches an idea, then the other four judges will perform the evaluation. If a judge does not complete the evaluations by the deadline, he or she will be replaced with a different judge. A judge will be replaced if it appears the criteria has not been used to evaluate the applications.

If we have more than three students apply, then the judges will be selected randomly. If we have fewer than three students apply a member of the Entrepreneur Club board will be selected.

Judging process:

  1. Notification of selection and schedule meeting with other judges
  2. Meet and evaluate the applications with the other judges