Get Started

How to become an Innovation Scholar

Step 1: Innovation Road Map Class (UGS 3050, HONOR 3050, BUS 3050 or HUM 3050) – Explore
  • Meet innovative thinkers from around campus who address real world issues.
  • Explore what big problems interest and inspire you.
  • Create a personal road map by outlining courses and activities that interest you.
  • Find a faculty advisor to guide you through your chosen path.
Step 2: Learn, invent and get involved – Experience
  • Learn about the innovation process.
  • Following your personal road map, you will take 2-3 courses to learn more about the big question or problem of unique interest to you.
  • Get involved in a wide variety of extracurricular activities — competitions, study abroad, service projects, competitions, mentoring, research, think tanks, internships. Pick 2-3 that get you closer to making that impact.
  • Consult with your faculty advisor along the way.
Step 3: Create your Innovation Portfolio – Reflect (UGS 3051)
  • Create an online portfolio that describes your exploration and innovative way of making an impact on a big problem or question.
  • Graduate and be recognized as an Innovation Scholar.