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Company LaunchThe Company Launch program provides student entrepreneurs access to in-kind resources to help grow their ideas into businesses. Whether you are just starting and don’t know your first step, or you are a startup looking to scale what you’ve already built, the Company Launch program is here for you. Our goal is to help your team achieve five key milestones by providing a variety of resources which are listed below. The Company Launch program is comprised of many students teams, only some of which occupy space in the Lassonde Studios. Regardless of whether you need physical space or not, fill out the application to be apart of the Company Launch program and gain access to other valuable resources. All University of Utah students are welcome to apply. For more information contact the Company Launch team at

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Resources available

  • Office & desk space within the Lassonde Studios — Designated offices and desks with in the Lassonde Studios will be awarded to student startups for free. Acceptance is based on need and merit, and teams in the Company Launch area will be expected to be engaged with the Lassonde Institute community.
  • Business mentors and Lassonde alumni — Join the Company Launch program and gain access to a community of successful entrepreneurs and alumni who mentor students on various business topics.
  • Legal services — Our partners at Jones Waldo offer legal guidance for student startups within the Company Launch program.
  • Financial services  — Our partners at Zions Bank offer financial services for student startups within the Company Launch program.
  • Accounting services — Our partners at Tanner Co. offer accounting guidance and executive mentoring for student startups within the Company Launch program.
  • Launch team support  — Members of the Company Launch team are here to support and help your business, as well as build connections within the entrepreneurial community.
  • Student fellows  — Student fellows receive scholarships and are paired with a student company in the Company Launch Program and work side by side for a true startup experience. This is a great option if you want to work with a startup but don’t have your own.
  • Co-Working space within the Lassonde Studios — The first floor of the Lassonde studios (aka Neeleman Hangar) is open to all students and is a great place to meet entrepreneurial minded peers.
  • Priority access — Get access to conference room, storage and locker space within the Lassonde Studios.