Startup Job Opportunities

[UPDATED: 09-19-17]

Below are the fellow opportunities available with the startups in the Company Launch program. Apply online here to participate in one of these opportunities:

The Society

Job Description:  An individual who can help write and update our social media platforms, especially our blog and email newsletter. Preferred skills include, social media management, marketing, and creative writing.  Our blog is shared on our website, across social media, and often shared through various food and nightlife locations in various states.  Join The Society Team and start contributing immediately to our expansion.

Job Description #2: An individual with background or interest in graphic design, photo and  video production.  This team member will contribute in helping us create fresh new content for our website, social media platforms and other digital campaigns.  Our content is shared on our website, across social media, and often shared through various food and nightlife locations in various states.  Join The Society Team and start contributing immediately to our expansion.

Job Description #3: An individual with interest in Public Relations and Communications. This team member will help organize outreach to various public outlets and general communication with newspapers, public groups, media outlets etc. We work with local businesses in Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Ogden, Park City, Reno, Boise and Tucson. This is an exciting opportunity to work in the communications, press, and marketing industries of The United States.


Index looks specifically for highly driven and motivated individuals. We’ve found that the willingness to learn and work at something that you know nothing about is more valuable than the knowledge itself in the early stages of a startup. That being said, the “know how” isn’t without value either. We hope to find people who have some prior coding knowledge (specially in java as we are in need of an Android app developer) in addition to that willingness to learn.

Grace Foundry

Marketing Intern

Grace Foundry is looking for a star marketer to join our award winning game studio. We are seeking a marketing student who is passionate about gaming, virtual reality, and 360 videos. This individual needs to be ready to help promote and bring new ideas to our team.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Gathering and analyzing market and user data
  • Managing company social media accounts and branding
  • Developing market strategies for our product Audiowave VR
  • Managing and creating content surrounding our 360 music video campaign

Unity Engineer Intern

Grace Foundry is looking for an talented developer who is very comfortable working in the Unity Game Engine. We are seeking an engineer who is passionate about new technology, virtual reality and 360 videos.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Building in-game features for our flagship products
  • Providing valuable technical insight for improving our games
  • Improving code quality through quality assurance

Off the Frame Photography

Off The Frame Photography is looking for an up and coming photographer to join our team! This fellowship is for you if you are seriously considering photography as a career and have some basic skills or are well practiced. Fellowship duties would include learning photography skills, assisting with social media, and performing typical communication duties relating to clients. Not interested in photography but want to learn about SEO and Social Media Marketing? This fellowship is also open to someone looking to learn and operate social media platforms/blogging for small businesses.


Blerp is looking for a fellow skilled in computer programming to join the team. Blerp is a online service working to make audio clips as conveniently shareable as GIFs are today. We build a wide variety of platform integrations to complement our service – including a Progressive Web App, an Android app, an iOS app, an iMessage app, and a Google Assistant service – with more planned to come – such as Discord and Slack integration. Apply if you’re interested in being involved with this new rapidly growing platform and are skilled in JavaScript, Web Development with React, and/or Mobile Development with React Native.

Blerp is seeking for a highly motivated student who is interested in doing marketing or business development for our digital products. She or he needs to be passionate about learning and self growth. She or he needs to be ready to do hard things. We are looking for someone who understands good content. This person need to be able to voice opinions and provide a new perspective to our team. We are looking for an individual who is ready to help build the next billion dollar app with us.

Project Embrace

“Do you like to tweet, share, and post on social media? Do you know what it takes to grow an online community? Have you ever wanted to be involved with a nonprofit, or in the field of global health? If you replied “yes” to the any of the following, then this job is for you! We are looking to hire a social media manager to manage and grow our social media accounts by implementing trackable strategies that will grow our followers, engage and retain them, and create an overall sense of community with our nonprofit organization. We’re looking for creative and prolific individuals who can grow an organic digital audience through best practices in social media trends, and help promote our cause and community. The time requirement is 3-5 hours a week. If this is you, contact us at!

Foster the Children

Foster the Children is looking for anyone with graphic design skills. They will be helping Foster the Children design future graphics for shirts and potentially other clothing. Hours are flexible but at minimum 2 hours a week. They will have a lot of flexibility and freedom in working with the team, and will be apart of decision making.


Marketing Director

CleanFare is looking for a marketing director
to be in charge of social media and other marketing endeavors. You will be required to maintain CleanFare’s social media presence, but you will also have the freedom to look for and begin new marketing campaigns. This job is fairly open-ended as long as you
stick true to CleanFare’s message and brand.


  • Excited and passionate about working at a startup and improving the environment.
  • Willing to take the initiative and begin new projects without explicit instruction.
  • Team-work, planning, and organizational skills.

Sales and Outreach Director

We are looking to hire a representative to reach out to local businesses, introduce them to CleanFare, and secure partnerships. You will work with our team to develop and understand our brand and identify companies that work well with our identity and mission. You will act as the main point of contact with local business owners and will be expected to meet with these business owners in person or through another means of communication.


  • Excited and passionate about working at a startup and improving the environment.
  • Strong people and communication skills.
  • Willing to take initiative and be a self-starter.
  • Team-work, planning, and organizational skills.


CurieWear, an apparel startup aiming to encourage a love of science among young girls, is in need of a seamstress or tailor! We are looking for anyone who has experience and talent with a sewing machine to help cut fabric, create new patterns and sew prototypes. We are currently trying to expand our product offerings by branching into new patterns and pieces, which you can help design and create! This is an exciting time to be with the company and see it grow in a unique, fast paced niche market. Want to learn about small batch manufacturing? Custom print design? If you are a self starter, creative and want to see your work make children squeal with joy, come work with us.

Ruah Logistics

Title: Part Time Mobile Application Engineer

Description: Come work on the mobile framework that Facebook, Airbnb, Walmart, Tesla, and Instagram use: React Native. You’ll be working on a project that has already been started, so you won’t have to write a lot of boilerplate code, and you’ll won’t be working alone. This is a great opportunity to get familiar with developing for the mobile first world we live in.

We’re launching a mobile application that will help entrepreneurs to run their wholesale business from the palm of their hands. Our team comes from, so we have a lot of experience in this space.

Qualifications: We want engineers who:

  • Have started and finished technical projects (web apps, mobile apps, console apps, etc)
  • Completed a data structures + algorithms course or equivalent
  • Care about helping small businesses

Preferences: Kudos to engineers who:

  • Feel comfortable using command line
  • Comfortable with JS


SHERO is biodegradable hygiene company that is seeking a finance or accounting major with experience making financial projections and estimating market contributions. The student would gain valuable experience preparing for national pitch competitions, networking, and working to take consumer products to market. Preference will be given to juniors or seniors, or students with internship experience

Sole Case Displays

At Sole Case Displays, we are looking for an enthusiastic intern to join our team that meets our company’s values and shares our passion for innovation, fashion, and sneakers.

This internship will help you learn about startups and gain a first-hand experience in working with a startup.  Ultimately, we hope you will gain a great hands-on experience in entrepreneurship, marking, and sales.


  •      Assist at various sneaker events (out of state events are optional, but strongly preferred)
  •      Assist in managing social media accounts
  •      Help promote on campus events


  •      Strong desire to learn along with professional drive
  •      Strong verbal and written communication skills
  •      Passion for the sneaker/fashion industry
  •      Sales experience (preferred)
  •      Business, communication or design majors (preferred)

Easy Verify

UX / UI Designer

Job Description

The UX / UI Designer will be part of an agile development team. They will be a hands on team member creating UX flows, wireframes and high fidelity UI mockups. This position will report to the [fill in manager title here] and work with project managers, architects, software development engineers, user experience and interface designers, quality assurance engineers and customer stakeholders to deliver high quality, scalable and maintainable software solutions.


  •      Coordinate with the team of software engineers and QA engineers to deliver commitments on time with a positive attitude.
  •      Collaborate with customers and internal stakeholders on UX and UI designs.
  •      Produce wireframes and UX flows.
  •      Produce implementation ready high fidelity UI mockups.
  •      Ensure that user stories (requirements) have sufficient detail to be implemented properly.
  •      Ensure that the team has sufficient understand of user stories to provide reliable estimates.
  •      Work with customer stakeholders and the project manager as needed to build requirements and understanding of software features.
  •      Attend design, planning and status meetings with the team.
  •      Make suggestions regarding improvements to the software.
  •      Be an expert in the tools used to be efficient in the role.

Required Qualifications

  •      Working towards Bachelor’s Degree in UI Design, UX Design, Computer Science or related discipline with emphasis on UI and UX design.
  •      Demonstrable experience with turning complex processes in to intuitive UX and UI.
  •      Experience with one or more wire frame tools
  •      Experience with one or more tools for developing high fidelity UI

Desired Qualifications

  •      HTML 5 and CSS 3
  •      Project management software – VersionOne, Rally or similar


Situ seeks a fellow to aid in the creation of business contracts and setting up of a payment and royalty matrix. We are looking for someone who can help determine the crucial points of interest to be covered in the contracts Situ has with its clients as well as calculate and establish a sustainable payment models.