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Tracking Air Quality

Kyle Tingey, a computer engineer passionate about innovation, has been instrumental in the design, development and integration of a “hyperlocal” air-quality monitoring solution for the Air Quality & U project ( As entrepreneurial lead selected by the U’s Technology and Venture Commercialization program, which helps commercialize new technologies developed at the U, Tingey’s Lean Canvas […]

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Monitoring Algal Blooms

A graduate student trio from three disciplines is collaborating to develop a high-resolution, low-cost spectral imaging drone to measure urban impact on water resources. “Urban influences play a huge role in water quality,” said Carly Hansen, a civil engineer about to deliver her dissertation on Utah’s water quality. Hansen met Casey Duncan (a geology student) […]

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Smart Shoes

For people suffering from Parkinson’s disease, walking can be increasingly difficult as the disease progresses. More than one million Americans live with Parkinson’s disease and suffer a significantly higher risk of falling than other populations. Roboticist and physical therapists at the University of Utah, however, have teamed up to develop a gait therapy using the […]

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