About Lassonde Studios

The place for students to “Live. Create. Launch.”

Updated: 10-28-15

The Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute and the David Eccles School of Business announced plans in April 2014 for an incredible new building for student entrepreneurs and innovators.

The building, called the Lassonde Studios, will house more than 400 unique student residences and 20,000 square feet of “garage” space where any student on campus can build a prototype, attend an event or launch a company. It will be the place where students “Live. Create. Launch.”  The building and related programs are made possible by $25 million in donation from Pierre Lassonde.

The Lassonde Studios has copper siding that will age and turn color over time.

The Lassonde Studios has copper siding that will age and turn color over time.

“This building is the materialization of Pierre Lassonde’s visionary approach to student innovation and entrepreneurism,” said David Pershing, president of the university. “His enormous generosity and this unique building will make the University of Utah the best place in the country to be a student entrepreneur.”

Construction on the building began in fall 2014, and students will move in starting fall 2016. The students who live at the Lassonde Studios will join the “Lassonde 400,” a unique community of students from every major and background.

Students can apply now to live at the Lassonde Studios.

The Lassonde Studios will be an estimated 160,000 square feet in total. It will sit near the heart of campus. The exterior design of the is inspired by the slopes and angles of the canyons along the Wasatch Front. The design team hopes the building will be iconic and help attract national attention to entrepreneurial learning opportunities at the U.

The inside of the building will be just as unique. It will feature a flexible floor plan, so rooms and spaces can be reconfigured as needs and trends change. The student residences will come in several forms, including large lofts for groups and private “pods” for individuals.

The “garage,” located on the ground floor of the building, will hold the tools necessary for student entrepreneurs to collaborate and begin their projects. These tools include 3-D printers, co-work space, prototyping tools and more.

“The building will be as innovative and entrepreneurial as the activities inside,” said Troy D’Ambrosio, executive director of the Lassonde Institute. “Students will be able to choose what type of residence they want and what type of creative space they prefer.”

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