Application Process

Application Process

It’s easy to apply for the monthly Get Seeded program. Complete the form below, limiting your responses to 100 words. Then a panel of five student judges will evaluate and rank all the ideas submitted online based on predetermined judging criteria. The panel will consist of the two Get Seeded chairs and three different students each month.

The students with the highest ranking ideas will be asked to attend the mandatory Pitch Screening and Selection session. Using the presentation template the students will give a three-minute pitch followed by a three-minute judge/audience Q&A. Using the same judging criteria the top-ranking students will be invited to pitch at the Get Seeded event where their funding will be determined by an audience vote.

Three steps to receive funding

  1. Apply online (from the program homepage) and be selected by the judges to present your idea at a Pitch Prep event.
  2. Present your 3-minute pitch at a Pitch Screening and Selection event, and judges will choose which teams advance to a Get Seeded funding event.
  3. Present your pitch to your peers at a Get Seeded funding event, and the audience will decide if you get funded.

We are unable to fund the following

  • Travel
  • The purchase, rent and renovation of office/business space
  • Companies already earning revenue
  • Equipment that is not the core of the business (e.g., cell phones, laptops, etc.)
  • Salaries
  • Cost of inventory not directly related to marketing or prototyping