Student Insights

The Innovation Scholarhip program will help you explore big questions and get more from your time on campus. Here are impact statements from past students in the program:

“The resources that this program provided were invaluable in helping me accomplish my goals of getting into product design. Since I graduated from the program, I have been developing an idea for a reusable shopping bag.” — Tara Roark

“The Innovation Scholar program has shaped my understanding of what it takes to become successful after graduation and in life.” — Jessica Lee

“The Innovation Scholar experience is a springboard into the world of opportunities at the U. I have learned that I enjoy innovating, never settling for the status quo and always looking for ways to be better.” — Brandon Bacon

“It wasn’t until I was finishing up the Innovation Portfolio class that I finally faced my fears and made the decision to pursue medical school.” — Samantha Jackson

“The Innovation Scholar program has been an impeccable process. Through the class, which encourages creativity and sharing of examples and ideas, I have learned a great deal about the processes needed for an idea or concept to flourish.” – Alex Carr

“I believe that the process we have undertaken in Innovation Scholar – identification of problems on campus, in the community and around the world couple with our passion for these programs – is an incredibly invigorating process.” – Andrew Pagels

“I think this should be a course offered for all students to apply within their first year of college, because had I taken this class awhile ago, I would’ve had a better idea on what I wanted to do with my life and planned accordingly with my degree.” – Christian Boomquist

“The Innovation Scholar program has helped me to clearly define where I want to make (an) impact, and has introduced me to a diverse group of friendly and motivated students who have offered friendship and support along the way.” – Jackson Murphy