Student Ambassadors 2015-16


Below are the Lassonde Ambassadors for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Fernando Herrera

Fernando Herrera is a junior pursuing a degree in Business Administration and minor in Spanish. Upon his graduation, he plans on going out-of-state to receive his MBA and establish himself in a management position. During his time at the University of Utah, he has been involved with the Bud Bailey Center as a tutoring volunteer, Youth Leadership Council at the Pride Center, and now a Student Director at the Bennion Center and Lassonde Ambassador. He values education and helping out communities that he feels passionate about. He joined the Lassonde Ambassadors to recruit more diverse innovators to contribute to the success of the University of Utah. Aside from his academic responsibilities, he enjoys traveling and photography. He went to Spain this past summer on a study abroad program to enhance his formal Spanish and experience Europe for the first time.

Amy Loret

I’m a second year student at the U who is currently majoring in Biology HBS. My current life goal is to become a pediatric neurologist. I’m a First Lego League officer and I’ve also enjoyed being involved in various other groups on campus such as the American Chemical Society, the Bennion Center, and RHA because they promote service and teamwork and have provided me with opportunities to educate kids about STEM fields. This year I’ll be serving as a College of Science representative for ASUU. I’m kind of a nerd and I like making science puns. I also like working with animals, so I’d like to focus on increasing the effectiveness of animal therapy in the future. I have two cats at home and a goldfish at college, but I would totally have more pets if they were allowed on campus. I’m from Idaho Falls, ID (yes, I love potatoes). I love Utah because, what’s not to love about Utah? In my free time I like to hike, cook, and eat what I cook. My favorite ice cream flavor is peanut butter

Duncan Cox

Duncan is a junior, studying Entertainment Arts and Engineering at the University of Utah. He grew up in Missoula, MT, where he learned to love video games and technology. After being brought in as a sound designer by a video game company in 2013, Duncan caught the entrepreneur bug and has been chasing opportunities ever since. Current projects include an English education app for Japanese students and a publishing tool to provide meaningful feedback to online writers. Duncan’s interests include foreign languages (especially Japanese), urban planning, and social media science. He hopes to one day move to Tokyo and open a food truck.

Heath French

Heath French is a fourth year undergraduate at the University of Utah working on a degree in computer science. He has worked for the Lassonde Institute for two years before as an assistant for Anne Bastien with the UTFLL Program. Once he is finished with his computer science degree, he hopes to get a PhD in the same area and eventually start his own company that will focus on the production of robots.

Kristopher Hawkins

I am a third year student studying management at the David Eccles School of Business. I moved from Reno, Nevada, because of the University of Utah’s great business program and the Lassonde Institute. Going into management and working with a few startups one that the Lassonde Institute helped start, the Lassonde is a perfect fit for me. Because I am so enthusiastic about the programs they offer I wanted to have a formal way of teaching and helping others get involved. This is my second year as an ambassador. I am excited to be the 2015-2016 Co-Director of the Lassonde Ambassadors. I love being an ambassador because I get to inspire and help others reach their goals, which is my true passion.

Kathy Tran

Kathy is a third year student at the U’s Multi-Disciplinary Design. She hopes to use her skills as a Lassonde Ambassador to meet and mentor people from all walks of life. Kathy is interested in applying design to healthcare systems, environmental sustainability, and creative industries.During her free time, she seeks out various learning opportunities through volunteerism. Kathy has volunteered with the Hope Clinic, Utah Arts Festival, Olympic Oval, and Utah Chalk Art Festival.

Alexa Larsen

My name is Alexa Larsen I am currently studying at the Eccles school of business. I discovered my passion for innovation and entrepreneurship through a Business Scholars project where we were required to create a unique business or product. This project allowed me to see my strengths as a leader and creator. In the future I plan to create a business that motivates and empowers young women. I want to be able to encourage them to use education and leadership to succeed. So many women are put down by the negative messages society and the media send them. So many do not understand their worth and potential. I want to change that. I plan to continue to graduate school to earn my JDMBA. I feel it is a degree where I would be able to help a large amount of people through innovative business.

Thomas G. Noriega

Moving from São Paulo, Brazil, at the age of 17 to attend the University of Utah was certainly a hard decision and one that I happen to be extremely proud of. I believe that innovation holds the power to transform communities and shape how people live their lives, and that by challenging the status quo anything is achievable. Through the Lassonde Entrepreneurship Institute I have the opportunity to connect with students across all disciplines and help them explore ideas on how they can utilize their passion, creativity, and strengths to create new products or services. I am seeking an Honors Bachelors of Science in Finance and I will be attending Law School after completing my undergraduate studies. I look forward starting a real estate development company that focuses on eco-friendly developments, as well as establishing a law firm that specializes on business/corporate and international law.

Elizabeth Morales

My name is Elizabeth Morales, I am majoring in Education. A passion as a Lassonde Ambassador started when I became an Innovation Scholar and started working on my road map to find ways to expand Diversity here on campus. I have worked many years with the minority youth around the Salt Lake City area. After becoming aware of the lack of representation of Diversity in Higher Education, I teamed up with the Lassonde Ambassadors to be able to recruit intelligent, creative, and vibrant new students from all over who share a passion in Higher Education and entrepreneurship like myself.

Zack Lusk

Zachary is a third year student at the University of Utah, currently studying Business Administration and Economics. He is a Business Scholar and is doing research for the National Center for Veterans Studies in the economic effects of military service and trauma associated with service. In his spare time, Zachary runs marathons and Ragnar races. His hometown is St. George, Utah where he graduated from Pine View High. While at Pine View, Zachary started a Nonprofit dedicated to alleviating social pressures in students and their families after the 2008-09 financial crisis. Zachary became a Lassonde Ambassador to help make a difference in the diversity of students in higher education. His passion is to help make equal opportunity a reality, especially in the relationship of business and government. He plans on continuing his schooling with a Juris Doctorate Degree and a Masters in Public Policy.

Stephanie Gladwin

I am a Junior, double majoring and double minoring to create a Civic Engagement and Social Entrepreneurship major. I hope to inspire youth to be more connected in their communities. Inspiring Innovation and community work among youth is my passion. I am so excited to be part of the Lassonde Ambassador program as well as the Innovation Scholars program. I am also a Community Engaged Scholar through the Bennion Center. Through the Lassonde Ambassador program and the Bennion Center I hope to bridge the gap between the east and west side of Salt Lake County in order to get students from the University of Utah and Salt lake county high schools to mentor incredible inner city youth on the west side. This program would provide opportunities and enable civic engagement eventually in hopes of creating a community engaged alternative school breaks program.

Sabrina Abdalla

My name is Sabrina Abdalla, I am majoring in Cell and Molecular Biology with a minor in Entrepreneurship. I was born in Mombasa, Kenya and raised in Salt Lake City, UT. My passion lies in communicating with individuals on a personal level and making my dreams a reality. As a first generation student, I value Lassonde Institute for striving to help underrepresented students create unimaginable goals.  I joined Lassonde Ambassadors to outreach and find free-spiritied students, like me,  who believe that the moon is the limit.

Paige Dabell

My name is Paige DaBell,  I am a sophomore majoring in Mechanical Engineering and working towards my Entrepreneur Certificate. I have always been interested in making an impact in the world for the better. However, I was never exactly sure why I was passionate about the activities that I was involved in until I took an Innovation Scholars class as a freshman. The class revealed the pattern and I realized everything I was interested in had a common thread. It finally all aligned. I discovered that I want to find a better way to create opportunities for people by utilizing existing innovations or my own in order to promote/aid people to seek out the best life they believe for themselves. This is because of my strong interest in personal development, STEM, adventure, and service. Working with the Lassonde Institute has made me realize that this is my true passion. I want to help people discover what they’re passionate about and give them the tools they need to succeed.  I am excited to team up with such diverse but like minded students to help make a difference here on campus and further abroad in high schools and the community.

Allie Shaw

My name is Allie Shaw, I’m a second year student majoring in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. In my first year of school, I thought I knew exactly what I was going to major in. Soon after my first semester though, I realized that what I was majoring in was not something I was passionate about. After taking a course on Innovation it inspired me and helped me discover my passion and what I want to do. I want to help bring people’s ideas and passions to life. The Lassonde Institute is able to bring unique, creative, and diverse students from all around campus together to create it’s own community of innovative leaders. The Lassonde Ambassador Program has not only given me the opportunity to do this, but also has given me the opportunity to start bringing my ideas to life now, while I’m still a student.

Eva Lopez

Eva is a fearless advocate for equal representation, diversity, and inclusion. Originally from Idaho, she pioneered a path to study Political Science and Economics at the University of Utah. She specializes in coalition building, advocacy, finding purpose and embracing passions. She currently works with projects involving the Lassonde Ambassadors’, Lassonde Student Development Program, University Entrepreneur Series, and the Utah Coalition of La Raza to continue honing her skills and developing strategies for social change and development. Constantly striving on empowering youth and the people around her, she fulfills her life by the changes she continues to develop in her community.

Shannon Legge

Shannon Legge is currently a Sophomore at the University of Utah studying Finance, International Business, and Human Development and Family Studies. Shannon was an Exchange Student in Indonesia from 2013-2014. This experience combined with annual humanitarian service trips to Guatemala fuel Shannon’s service-to-others spirit, prompting her to start a non-profit, Sprouting Volunteers, centered around connecting volunteers to organizations. Shannon hopes to use her international experience and energy to help students find the tools they need to be successful in their own projects and start ups.

Eric Smith

I am a fourth year student studying Entrepreneurship at the University of Utah. Being a student entrepreneur for me is about learning how to turn ideas into reality. I have created mobile application prototypes using Pixate and as a Lassonde Ambassador, I hope to help other students move forward with their business ideas. My passion is working towards creating products and services that automate human tasks to free up time for more living. Over the past year I have been learning how to code in JavaScript and how to use microcontrollers to help create prototypes. I look forward towards helping and learning from other students with ideas to change the world.

Adyson Edwards

Adyson Edwards is a sophomore student who is involved in the Business Scholars program along with the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute. Her passion and drive for business and innovation is what is helping her prepare for a career in the fashion industry. Focusing on increasing self-love and confidence in others, she is excited to begin her journey throughout and after college. With big ideas and aspirations, she knows that the Lassonde Institute can provide her with the tools to bring her ideas to life, and have a positive impact on many individuals in her community

Paxton Klein

Paxton Klein is a sophomore pursuing degrees in both honors finance and accounting. Paxton became interested in innovation and the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute after taking an Innovation Roadmaps course during spring semester 2015. This course helped her realize the vast amount of untapped entrepreneurial potential in people. Through the Lassonde Ambassador program, she wishes to help others establish connections and acquire resources so that they can follow through with their innovative ideas and dreams. Paxton’s two main interests in life are fashion and traveling. Eventually she would like to create her own international fashion label that incorporates both culture and couture. In her free time she enjoys writing on her blog, hiking, and going on nature walks with her pug, Francesca.