Company Launch Fellow Program

Company Launch Fellow Program

Join a student startup & build your skills

The Company Launch Fellow program is our by-students, for-students vision put into practice. This program allows each of the student companies operating out of the Lassonde Studios to hire a fellow student as a part-time intern. These student-run companies benefit by adding new members and skillsets, but the Lassonde community at large benefits as well. By providing all students an opportunity to work at a student-run startup, they can get a taste of what it’s like to run their own business and be an entrepreneur. In addition to all that, the student-run companies can hire their peers at no cost to them. The student interns (fellows) are paid through a scholarship provided by Lassonde.

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Why should I become a Lassonde Fellow?

As a Fellow, you will be able to share what you know with other students, learn what it’s like to start a company and get a scholarship along the way. Not only is this a great opportunity to become friends with student entrepreneurs, but it gives you valuable experience that you can share in an interview or put on a resume. Previous fellows have shared their skillsets to help solve problems, pitched at Get Seeded and other business competitions, and have gone on to become partners and equity holders in the startups they worked for. It is great opportunity to work with a startup if you don’t have your own.

How do I become a Lassonde Fellow?

If you are interested in interning for a student-run startup and becoming a Lassonde Fellow, all you have to do is apply online here or attend the Fellow Fair at the Lassonde Studios (see our events calendar). It is similar to a job fair in that the student-run startups will be presenting what their company does and what kind of help they are looking for. All you have to do to apply is drop off your resume and write your name on their list, but talking with the founders is a good idea too.