Company Launch at Lassonde Studios

Meet the Company Launch Startups

Twenty student companies at the University of Utah moved in their equipment to the Company Launch space at Lassonde Studios on Aug. 25. The spaces allocated to these student teams include shared tables, desks and private offices. The Company Launch program gives student companies access to resources and space that would only be available to other companies at a premium.

Eric Smith, student chair of Cowork and Company Launch, described how he felt seeing students move into their space for the first time: “I couldn’t be happier for the student teams we have moving into this space. They have already begun collaboration amongst themselves. These teams are really going to set a new pace for entrepreneurship here at Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute and the University of Utah.”

2016-2017 Startups

Here’s a look at the 2016-17 startups  in the Company Launch space (in alphabetical order):

ADA Mobile Assessment Systems — Creates mobile data collection systems for sidewalks, ramps and accessible routes to evaluate ADA Title II and III compliance.

Anonyome Labs — Created to give people control and freedom over their personal and private information.

BOTPOT — App controlled robotic cooking appliances. No more fast food or meal replacements, just gourmet scheduled food.

Cocpit-labs — Makes startup stuff simple with automated tools and services that help teams build and grow.

Decimate Limits — Performance-based company focused on breaking life’s limitations through our products and innovations.

Dinner At Yours — Create a unique, memorable and culturally diverse private dining experience, because the best table in town is yours.

Enlighten Sciences — Run statistical experiments and creates actionable metrics to amp up your business’ growth 2 times, 5 times and beyond.

Evok— As a Salt Lake City-grown, B-corporation Clothing Collective donating one-third of proceeds to community enrichment projects, Evok Clothing aims to catalyze a revolution within the fashion industry.

FaceIt — By fusing some of the world’s newest mobile technology with the ancient industry of beauty and cosmetics, FaceIt will revolutionize the way people use and purchase makeup forever.

Girl Gang — Sells vintage clothing as well as unique modified vintage pieces as a sustainable alternative to “fast fashion.”

Grace Foundry — An indie game studio that works to embrace the social aspects of gaming by building experiences that bring people closer together.

Hashtaggy — Uses mobile technology to connect college students to every campus activity, hangout, and event that they are passionate about.

inVolv Media — Provides turn-key social media management and cutting-edge content creation services to businesses as a monthly package.

Leaders for Clean Air — An alliance of business leaders that provides the direction required to eliminate Utah’s air pollution.

Matthew Territo Visualization — A veteran digital studio bringing cinematic- and design-research experience to scientific, information and research visualization.

MULTI Design Collective — A culture of design thinkers, problem solvers and creatives, specializing in industrial, graphic and brand design.

The Utah Box — Company “boxes up Utah” and ships it all over the world. The Utah Box is a gift box that includes Utah items that can be sent to friends, family and coworkers to give them a taste of what Utah is all about.

Utah Maids — Takes the hassle out of scheduling a home cleaning. In 60 seconds or less, anybody can book a home cleaning entirely via desktop or mobile and not worry about phone calls or paying with cash.

XLynk Surgical — Developing a novel method of preventing postoperative adhesions following both laparotomy and laparoscopy. By making our product easier to use, cheaper, and more effective we will positively impact healthcare.

Your Health Expense — Designed to create transparency in the medical field by providing costs, reviews, and information to consumers.

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