Below are past and current Lassonde New Venture Development Center projects and companies.


  • College: College of ScienceProject
  • Adviser(s): Brandon M. Welch, Predoctoral Fellow
  • Project Description: is a simple, free, secure web-based video conferencing solution for doctors and patients. It works with native browser capabilities with no need to download additional software/Flash. It provides high quality video with no login required.

Fulcrum Biosceince

  • College: College of Science
  • Project Adviser(s): John J. Watkins, Ph.D.
  • Project Description: The Fulcrum process uses electrocatalyzed biological nitrogen fixation to synthesize ammonia from nitrogen.

Homogeneous Media Ball Milling

  • College: College of Science
  • Project Adviser(s): Scott Anderson, Brandon McMahon, Jesus Perez
  • Project Description: Improved milling method for rapid production of nanoparticles of soft or ductile metals.

Hyperspectral Imaging

  • College: College of Engineering: Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Project Adviser(s): Rajesh Menon, Ph.D.
  • Project Description: Examining potential business applications of hyperspectral imaging on a mobile platform. Investigating consumer and scientific market demand for analyzing the composition of objects.


  • College: Energy and Geoscience Institute
  • Project Adviser(s): Ray Levey and Varun Gowda
  • Project Description: The Lassonde associates are helping iCORDS, a SaaS based global data platform for exploration and production companies, identify their target markets, pricing strategy, and the pain-point their product addresses in order to develop a go to market strategy.

Modified Bioanodes

  • College: College of Science
  • Project Adviser(s): Shelley D. Minteer, Ph.D.
  • Project Description: Anode technology that allows for higher current and power density resulting in increases in performance of almost any type of fuel cell, batteries, and LEDs.

T3SS Peptide Technology

  • College: College of Science: Department of Biology
  • Project Adviser(s): Kelly Hughes, Ph.D.
  • Project Description: The T3SS technology allows us to produce rarer, more valuable peptides while simultaneously decreasing the time and cost of peptide production.


  • College: College of Engineering
  • Project Adviser(s): John Langell, Spencer Madsen, Mike Foagrty, Pablo Johnson
  • Project Description: Easier, efficient, and faster method to close intra-abdominal defects caused by laparoscopic surgery.

Utah Genome Project

  • College: College of Science
  • Project Adviser(s): Brandon M. Welch, Predoctoral Fellow
  • Project Description: The Utah Genome Project (UGP) is a large research initiative at the University of Utah. The goal is to sequence entire genomes and link to the Utah Population Database (UPDB) and clinical data.


Active Desk Rider

  • Project Adviser(s): Jim Martin
  • Project Description:Active Desk Rider is an integrated computer workstation and semi recumbent exercise cycle.

Advanced Inspirational Spirometer

  • Project Adviser(s): Chris Souther, Brent Call, Chesy Nichols, Norman Butler
  • Project Description: The advanced inspirational spirometer is a gamified spirometer that breaks the monotony of an old therapy for cystic fibrosis resulting in increased usage.


  • Project Adviser(s): Robert Lux
  • Project Description: Novel software algorithm to analyze changes in a patient’s p-wave to predict development of atrial fibrillation.

Chest Tube Securement

  • Project Adviser(s): Branden Rosenhan, Molly Gross, Sam Brown, Cam Torres
  • Project Description:A device to improve the placement and securement of chest tubes.

Estimated Blood Loss Monitor

  • Project Adviser(s): Annette Macintyre, Lara Brewer
  • Project Description: Accurate and cost-effective method of measuring a patient’s intra-operative blood and fluid loss for improved patient outcomes.

Fluidic Assay

  • Project Adviser(s): Bruce Gale
  • Project Description: An inexpensive process that allows for rapid screening of many cancer drugs on a tumor sample or cell line culture.


  • Project Adviser(s): Lewis Frey, Leslie Lennart
  • Project Description: Big data analysis tools providing patient care intelligence through similarity science resulting in improved patient outcomes.

Hot Spot

  • Project Adviser(s): Fred Stathmann
  • Project Description: HotSpot is a quality control software solution for medical testing laboratories that addresses errors leading to significant process inefficiency.

iSTAR5 Academy

  • Project Adviser(s): Cheryl Wright, Scott Wright, Marissa Diener, Margaret Dunn
  • Project Description: iStar5 Academy improves family engagement, social confidence, and employable skills for youth with autism through 3D modeling.

Mitochondrial Toxicity Assay

  • Project Adviser(s): Shelley Minteer
  • Project Description: An in vitro, high-throughput, toxicity test.

Remote Ischemic Pre-conditioning device

  • Project Adviser(s): Jay Blankenship
  • Project Description: A device to induce resistance to the loss of blood supply and oxygen to the body’s tissues.


  • Project Adviser(s): Flory Nkoy, Christopher Maloney, Bernhard Fassl, Bryan Stone
  • Project Description: A tracking tool designed to help patients in self-assessment and monitoring of their chronic asthma symptoms.


  • Project Adviser(s): Leigh Neumayer, Timothy Doyle
  • Project Description:An ultrasonic tissue micro-analyzer for breast cancer surgery.

Thin Film

  • Project Adviser(s): Michael H. Bartl
  • Project Description: Thin film deposition using sol-gel chemistry process to improve semi-conductor devices and optical coatings.


  • Atrispec
  • Bi-Polar Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
  • Hypodermic Needle System
  • Lithe Medical
  • Mobius MRI
  • Multi-Functional Imaging
  • Navillum Nanotechnologies
  • PE Gaming


  • Monitus Medical
  • Haptics Guidance Systems
  • ViSUS
  • Intrasenz
  • Intraoperative Microscopic Imaging
  • SensiMat
  • VaporoSens


  • HIV-Integrase Inhibitors
  • Xandem
  • Veristride
  • Pudendal Neural Systems
  • Computational Molecular Phenotyping
  • Short Solutions


  • CF3
  • Diabetes Clinical Software
  • Eagle Eye
  • EGI Geothermal Energy
  • ElutInc
  • Headwaters Clean Carbon Services
  • Microfluidic Diagnostics
  • UTES
  • Veritract


  • Cancer Clinical Software
  • Clean Carbon Solutions
  • Techload
  • RuReady, Inc.
  • Trapeze media Solutions
  • Akadi, LLC
  • YourGene
  • Xylutes
  • EnergyTap


  • Rescue Medical Systems (Business Startup)
  • Heightened Technology (Business Startup)
  • RevKo Welding (Business Startup)
  • Utah Contract Research Lab (Business Startup)
  • Cord Blood and Stem Cell Services
  • Lineagen and Biomarker Commercialization Fund (Business Prelaunch)
  • Enhanced Oil and Gas Recovery Initiative
  • Fruit fly Disease Models


  • Personalized Medicine Innovation Fund/Lineagen Research (Business Pre launch
  • ThermaCom, Inc (Business Pre launch)
  • ResCue, Inc (Business Pre launch)
  • Spectrotek (Business Pre launch)
  • Center for Cool Science Product – Center of Excellence Grant
  • Center for Advanced Cyber-Infrastructure Research – Center of Excellence Grant
  • Steroids Detection BioAssay (completed)
  • CTS Diagnostics (completed)
  • siRNA Design (completed)


  • Wasatch MicroFluidics (Business Startup)
  • Pharmacotherapy Outcomes Research Center (Business Operating: Millcreek Consulting)
  • GKMC (Business Startup)
  • GenData (Continuation)
  • Radiology
  • Gene Therapy


  • Blood Cell Counter Technology
  • Intelligent Web-link selector
  • GenData
  • Pediculosis Technology
  • Hyaluronic Acid-Based Biomaterials
  • Fluorescent Assays
  • Tissue Storage Media