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Welcome to the Lassonde Studios virtual tour! Get started by installing the Unity Web Player on your desktop or laptop. For best results, use Chrome or Firefox web browser. The tour starts in a "living pod" suite. Walk around and into other pods to explore this unique residential option. Other housing options are lofts and traditional single and double rooms. Don't miss the secret passages to see the rest of the building! Details below. The Lassonde Studios opens fall 2016. Learn more at


NOTE: An Xbox controller will also work. Jump is A. CROUCH and RUN: the two buttons above the triggers at the top of the controller.

Secret PassageS

Walk through the rest of the building by finding the secret doorway. It's in a corner of the "pod suite." Find it by walking left and around the corner from the pod where the tour begins. You may need to walk, crouch and jump to get through the doorways. Once through the passage, you can walk through the rest of the floor.

You can get to the first floor "garage" and see the building from outside by walking through the large, curved glass window. Continue walking straight toward the horizon until you drop to ground level. Access the "garage" through the main doorway.