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PLUS: 12 Tips for Mastering the Innovative Mindset at the University of Utah
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these are the stories of students who dare to be makers , artists , entrepreneurs & dreamers . these are stories worth repeating .

President Pershing

Welcome from the President

The president of the University of Utah, David Pershing, welcomes you to "Imagine U." This is the place students imagine, then do.
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Student Innovation at the U

About the Report

The "Student Innovation at the U" report is produced by the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute to celebrate student innovators.
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Tip #1

don't know where to start ? begin by helping others and follow your heart .


Inspiring Change from Utah to Botswana


From Corporate Climber to Social Warrior


Adding Color to Children's Therapy

Tip #2

sometimes, you need to stop waiting for an opportunity and create something new.


Creating Stories to Combat Terrorism


Start Swimming, and Never Stop

Tip #3

this is the only earth. embrace sustainability , and help lead the way to a better future

Making the Invisible Visible

Using Sunlight to Build Community

Tip #4

dig in deep by designing a new product or device. it's a great way to apply what you learn in class ... and it looks great on your resume .

Adaptive Design

Adaptive by Design


Hydrogen-powered Car Wins National Prize


Minimalist Bottle Openers ... and Beyond

Tip #5

there's no place like a university to dive into a research project to discover your potential .

My Computer Reads Poetry Too!


The Great Salt Lake: An Unexpected Energy Source

Tip #6

it's not easy to invent a medical device , but you'll learn a lot and might have a huge impact on millions of people .


A Catheter that Kills Bacteria with Light


Chasing 'Lightning' in a Lab


Into the Eyes of the Future

Tip #7

improving the world can be as easy as jumping in and letting your voice be heard.


Becoming A Vessel for Change


Preventing Sexual Assault


Chasing Your Passion around the World

Tip #8

your location matters. find a place filled with amazing people , a place that inspires you and a place where it's safe to fail .

Lassonde Studios

5 Places to Get Creative

Tip #9

utah has amazing outdoor recreation . embrace it. create an outdoor product , service or initiative. then go skiing !

Aura Optics

Aura Optics: Interchangeable Ski Goggles


Be Prepared to Face Anything

Char Poles

Swiss-Army Knife of Ski Poles

Ski Winch

Who Needs Gravity Anyway?

Tip #10

there's no better time to start a company than when you're a student. take advantage of all the resources available.

True Gentleman

True Gentleman: Bespoke Suits for All


Blyncsy: Tracking the Movement of People Everywhere

Elevated Designs

Elevated designs: Printing Innovation in Three Dimensions


Sakpants: "Coziest Pants in the World"

Formidable Toys

Formidable Toys: Medieval Swords for Kids of All Ages

Tip #11

games are serious business. create a video game or app to entertain or change the world. computer science degree not required.

Isaac Kellis

Technical Artist: Isaac Kellis


Xcadation: Using Games to Improve Student Behavior


NiteOut: An App to Improve Your Nightlife


Steppets: Virtual Pets with Real Health Benefits

Protocol: Transcendence

Protocol Transcendence: One Month from Concept to App Store

Save Your Bacon

Save Your Bacon: Easing Health-Insurance Confusion

Tip # 12

imagine unlocking your future . get started by using this list to [fill in the blank].

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Student Innovation at the U

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The second edition of "Student Innovation at the U." Take a journey through student startups, how to think like an innovator and more.
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Student Innovation at the U

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