Founder Internship

This internship is for student company founders that are looking to grow their company during this 10-week summer program and be recognized for your effort as a Lassonde intern. While participating and working to bring your product or service to market, you will learn key entrepreneurial principals and find collaborators. As a Founder Intern, you will have access to office space, tools, grants, workshops, mentors and more. Founder Interns will work in collaboration with the Startup Interns, student interns interested in learning key entrepreneurial principals while helping a founder move their project forward.

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The Founder Internship will provide a structure and community for you to design and execute on your business startup, with the guidance of experienced entrepreneurs and topic experts. Each founder will identify specific milestones based on the status and industry of their product or service. Successful Founder Interns will complete all deliverables listed below, while building a high-performance team and executing on milestones. By completing the internship deliverables, students will explore and execute on entrepreneurial skills including business model development, company formation, product development, marketing and sales.


  1. Business Model
    • Single unit economics
    • Revenue model
    • Customer identification
    • Accounting workflow
    • QuickBooks setup
  2. Company Formation
    • Legal formation
    • Intellectual property and copyright assessment
    • Bank account
    • Founding team
  3. Product Development
    • Physical prototype
    • Product completion
    • Customer interviews
    • Final product production
  4. Marketing and Sales
    • Marketing plan
    • Pitch deck
    • Create marketing assets
    • URL and website established
    • Revenue executed