Program Manager Internship

This internship is for students interested in managing entrepreneurial programs. Program Manager Interns work with Lassonde administration and other students to plan and execute Lassonde program logistics. Program Manager Interns coordinate and host weekly events and management meetings during this 10-week summer program and be recognized for your effort as a Lassonde intern. While organizing and leading Lassonde programs, you will learn key program management principals. Students should expect to contribute 10-20 hours per week, including scheduled events and meetings.

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The Project Manager Internship will provide a structure and community for you to organize and execute an entrepreneurial program, with the guidance of experienced program administrators. Project Manager Interns will organize meetings and events for the 2018 summer as well as prepare for the 2018-19 academic year. Successful Program Manager Interns will work in collaboration to complete all deliverables listed below, while building a high-performance team and executing program tasks. By completing the internship deliverables, students will explore and execute on program management skills including team management, event coordination, marketing and budget administration.


  1. Team Management
    • Task manager
    • Org chart
    • Role descriptions
    • Meeting schedule
    • Communication strategy
  2. Event Coordination
    • Calendar of events
    • Individual event plans
    • List of participants, RSVP
    • Day of event task checklist
  3. Marketing
    • Marketing plan
    • Website updates
    • Program article
    • Social media post
  4. Budget
    • Annual budget spreadsheet
    • Previous year budget actuals
    • Budget actuals
    • Sponsor recognition