Mohan Sudabattula TEDx Salt Lake City

U Student Takes Stage at TEDx — Watch Video

University of Utah and Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute student Mohan Sudabattula became the first undergraduate student to take the stage at TEDxSaltLakeCity in September 2018. He chronicled his journey starting Project Embrace to assisting developing communities with his team. The video for his presentation is now available to view here.

In his TEDx talk, Sudabattula explained how he believes that the most complicated problems, such as those in increasing access to healthcare, can be solved through a combination of community empowerment, simple day-to-day innovations and a little determination. “It takes individuals to recognize a problem and communities to realize a solution,” he said.

Sudabattula is an undergrad student at the U pursuing a triple major in biology, philosophy, and health, society and policy. He is also the founder and executive director of Project Embrace, a global medical non-profit organization dedicated to reducing health-care disparities and increasing access to sustainable healthcare solutions.

Project Embrace accomplishes its mission through the collection of previously owned durable medical technologies from U.S. patients who no longer need them, to be redistributed and reused in resource-poor settings worldwide. Since its launch in late 2017, Project Embrace has collected hundreds of medical devices from the greater Salt Lake community and successfully completed several donation campaigns in India, Swaziland and the Navajo Nation with several more campaigns due for completion in the coming months.

Sudabattula and Project Embrace have received support from the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, including office space and mentorship provided by the Company Launch program at Lassonde Studios.

Learn more about Project Embrace at

Mohan Sudabattula TEDx Salt Lake City

Mohan Sudabattula on stage at TEDxSaltLakeCity in September 2018.

One thought on “U Student Takes Stage at TEDx — Watch Video

  1. The newly-named School of Biological Sciences at the U is proud to have Mohan as a biology major. The School currently has more declared majors than any other academic unit on campus and is a critical player for many who go on to medical, nursing, dental, pharmacology and other health-related careers.

    You can read more about the School in OUR DNA magazine, where Mohan is highlighted.

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