UEC Video Voting 2016



2016 WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Video voting is now closed. Find voting results below. We announced all the winners of the 2016 competition at the Startup Showcase & Awards Event on April 9, 2016. Find the complete results here. Learn more about the teams by watching the videos below.

Welcome to the People’s Choice video competition for the 2016 Utah Entrepreneur Challenge. The public may vote from March 14 to April 8, 2016, at midnight. The team with the most votes will receive a $2,500 prize. The winning team will be announced at the UEC Public Showcase and Awards Ceremony on April 9, 2016, at 4-6 p.m. at the University of Utah. All are welcome to attend! It’s a great opportunity to meet the best student entrepreneurs in the state and see who wins the $100,000 in cash and prizes, including the $40,000 grand prize. The program is sponsored by Zions Bank. Learn more

* We will review video votes for duplicates and make any necessary adjustments before we announce the winner.

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INSTRUCTIONS: To vote, click the “Vote Here!” button at the bottom of the page. Select up to 3 videos, add your email and submit. You will receive an email confirmation in your inbox that you must click for your vote to count.

Top-20 Teams
(Video order will be rearranged every 3 days)

2016 Winner PassportXpress (UVU)

Poulet Bleu (UVU)

Quilture (USU)

Milky Hollow Farms (Westm.)

Waverly Design Co (WSU)

Whistic (BYU)


Tive (Westm.)

Runnels Endotrachael (UofU)

SenseTech (UofU)

Red Barn Collections (Westm.)

RetiOS (UofU)

Aura Optics (UofU & USU)

Fake A Shade (SUU)

Coversature (UofU)

Dollow (BYU)

HOA Cloud (BYU)

Hype (Snow)

Latitude Tours (BYU)

Maskot Promotional Apparel (Dixie)

2016 Video Voting Results

TeamVote CountPercent
2016 Winner passportXpress (UVU)1,10020.97%
Hype (Snow)84616.13%
HOA Cloud (BYU)80215.29%
RetiOS LLC (UofU)4137.87%
Poulet Bleu (UVU)3897.42%
Sybo Technology (UofU)2635.01%
Fake A Shade (SUU)2344.46%
Aura Optics (UofU and USU)1743.32%
Whistic (BYU)1603.05%
Latitude (BYU)1442.75%
SenseTech (UofU)1192.27%
Conversature (UofU)911.73%
Red Barn Collections (Westm.)871.66%
Quilture (USU)851.62%
Dollow (BYU)771.47%
Milky Hollow Farms (Westm.)691.32%
Runnels Endotracheal (UofU)561.07%
Tive (Westm.)480.92%
Maskot Promotional Apparel (Dixie)450.86%
Waverley Design Co. (Weber)430.82%