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Student Innovation at the U


Read the welcome message from our president, David Pershing, and student leaders.
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Student Innovation at the U

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Student Innovation at the U

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A Fresh Coat of (Spray) Paint

Every day, Danny Stephens, a U art teaching graduate, walked through the same Park City tunnel on his way to work and saw the potential ...

New Experience in Latin American Film

Karem Orrego, a U film and media arts student from Lima, Peru, showed dedication to storytelling by founding the Crisol Film Initiative ...


For her entire life, U student Madelyn Stafford was told she didn’t need to participate in art the way other students did ...

Mixing Dance and creative writing

Who says artists only have one medium? U senior Robert Goodman studies modern dance and creative writing ...


be your own boss

Future’s so bright

How many of us have lost a pair of sunglasses while out on the water? ...

Clothing that Makes a Statement

Colby Russo, a freshman pre-business student, wants you to wear a shirt or jacket made by his company ...

Empowering Women with Every Sale

SmartyPants Wear couldn’t have a better name. Selling harem-style pants ...

A Six-Pack on Your Back

Cold beverages at a sporting event or on a camping trip are generally a luxury ...

Lighting Up Playtime

Average toys for toddlers are entertaining, but not always educational ...

Eliminating the dirty work

Did you know that farmers hire people to monitor their crops to know when to water? ...

Business Front, Personality Back

As a freshman, Nathalie Linge recognized a need for more attractive, functional ties ...

The Cure for Bike Theft: Bambú

In the hustle to get where you’re going, the last thing you want is for someone to steal your bike ...

Get connected to the environment

Do you ever stare at our phone aimlessly, even when there’s nothing to look at? ...

Improving Wi-FI for Everyone

We’ve all been there — checking a text, settling a debate by looking up which actor was in that one movie ...

Expect more from your light bar

Aaron Hatch wanted a light bar for his ATV that would light his way without draining his wallet ...


dive into the unknown

Making nuclear energy safe

The U is becoming a world leader in nuclear safety culture due in large part to the tireless work and creative energy of Ryan Schow ...

The Future to Scale

Engineering undergrads at the U, Jeff Thomas and Bryan Tran have created a new way to teach high school and college students about nanotechnology ...

Catalyst for a cleaner world

Chemical engineering student McKenna Buck works with one of the U’s newest faculty, Dolly Chitta, developing a super-efficient catalytic process ...

Next standard in TB Detection

A new “TB Breathalyzer” sensor created by a Ph.D. student at the U aims to provide a point-of-care solution for millions ...

UROP Student Leaders on Research

"No matter what discipline students belong to, research is for them. It can really help and inspire undergrad experience ...



Lassonde Studios

The Lassonde Studios is the new home for student entrepreneurs and innovators at the University of Utah ...

The Garage

All students will be welcome to use the 20,000-square-foot garage on the first floor ...

Residential Floors

The Lassonde Studios will have 400 student residences. Explore unique housing options ...


believe in the cure

Cancer. Blam. Cancer. Blam.

Cervical cancer is almost eradicated in the developed world, where detection is made quickly and treatments are readily available ...

Depression treatment for couples

Before attending the U as a graduate student in occupational therapy (OT), Jackie Einerson worked on farms through AmeriCorps and volunteering, focusing on justice ...

Making chemotherapy portable

What if cancer patients could receive chemotherapy in a less painful and more effective manner in the comfort and stability of their homes? ...


Bret Heale, a biomedical informatics master’s student, led the development of a search interface to personalize a patient’s experience in genetics clinics ...


When you’ve been studying for 10 hours, cooking can be a chore. Luckily, 12 students have created a class to make it easy, affordable, healthy and delicious ...


write on

Learning about yourself through writing

“This class is not for the faint of heart,” reads the end of the course description for a new, nationally recognized course ...

Creating a hybrid culture

Imagine an online literary magazine that can be read by anyone, anywhere ...


love the planet

Not an idle group

The Sustainability and Urban Ecology Scholars are not idling. From implementing and developing new ways on campus to reduce energy and water consumption ...

Real Food Movement

After finding his research experience in the most unlikely of places — a poster on a wall — Willem Schott, a recent pre-med graduate, took his research project to a whole new level ...


unleash a movement

Catalyzing Change for LGBTQ Community

What is metallurgical engineering? Lauryn Hansen laughs; she gets asked that question often ...

For the love of animals

Standing six feet tall with intricate tattoos, including the titular character of the Roald Dahl classic ...

Battle for net neutrality in new game: 404sight

Net neutrality is one of the hottest topics today, and a team of 12 graduate students is helping bring attention to it in an unusual way ...


build a better community

From warehouse to tibetan community center

When approached by U President David Pershing to work with the Tibetan Community Center ...

Different kind of learning abroad

In fall 2015, 12 students graduated from the U’s new Case Management Certificate online program ...

Better communities through banking

A team of U students went from knowing very little about community banks, which serve local communities, to winning a national case study competition ...

Women of the World

When refugee families arrive, the husbands find a job and the children find a school, but the women often get left with nothing to do ...


dream it. create it.

Change your tint on command

You’ve been on the slopes for hours, and the sun starts to peek through the clouds ...

A helpful reminder

It’s noon, your phone buzzes, and you’re reminded that this time tomorrow you should be in the doctor’s waiting room ...

Better biosensors

Making bioreactors cheaper is an important hurdle to making better drugs. Chemical engineering Ph.D. student Tram Nguyen is addressing this need ...

Higher-speed internet

Most smart phones are capable of smoothly streaming five high-definition videos at one time ...

Wake up in a good mood

Waking up is agonizing for all of us. Heath French, U computer science major, figured he had what it took to redefine the agony ...


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