Student Portfolios

Here’s a closer look at projects completed by Innovation Scholars:


Big question: University of Utah campus lacks centralized bus terminal.

My experience: The Innovation Scholar roadmap course was one of courses where I felt the most camaraderie. It has high level of cooperation among students. Each classmate supports and interacts with the others. Although all of us had a hard time expressing ideas in the beginning, we opened up. It is a very helpful class.



Big question: Healthcare innovation is fragmented and not culturally integrated.

My experience: My Innovation Scholar journey has been incredible. Just like a mountain climb, I have come to the end of this journey. But like any other mountain climb, as soon as you reach the peak, a marvelous scene is placed before you — hundreds of new peaks to climb! While the Innovation Scholar may be coming to an end, my life journey of innovation has barely begun.



Big question: My community is unaware of the vast benefits of living sustainably and simply.

My experience: The Innovative Scholar program helped me to get on a path of a career that I know will truly make me happy. I’ve found that making a difference and helping others to do the same is more of a reward than money could ever be for me. I owe a lot to this program and I’m so thankful to have completed it and will always remember it in my future endeavors.



Big question: Medical devices for today’s medicine need to be cost effective and fit into the socioeconomic structure of patients’ daily living.

My experience: In this program, I have learned that innovation is not the sudden illumination of a thought of genius. Rather it is the consistent effort to discover something hidden, and then apply the needed work to bring out the best in what you’ve discovered. Innovation is much more than that of course, but my perspective has changed. I now realize that anyone who dares to take chances and is willing to work hard can be a useful innovator. 



Big question: How to improve the quality of life of cancer patients and their families.

My experience: My experience with Innovation Scholar so far has basically been awesome as it has provided a segue for me to connect my education with my personal goals and desires. The program makes me believe I can change the world, and I know I will.



Big question: High schools don’t emphasis college preparation and success.

My experience: The Innovation Scholar program has shaped my understanding of what it takes to become successful after graduation and in life. I recommend it to all students as a foundation for college, as well as a great environment to engage and flourish in your own creativity.



Big question: Many people feel powerless to change their economic circumstances.

My experience: I thought I knew myself inside and out, but this course has provided me with a deeper look into who I am, and what’s important to me in life. During this course, we were challenged to conduct critical self-assessments that helped many of us to identify what has actually shaped the people that we have become.



Big question: Technology has not advanced to completely support patients who take blood thinning medications.

My experience: My participation in the Innovation Scholar Program allowed me to gather courses and experiences serendipitously provided to me and connect them to realize my passion. It has been more than just a learning experience, but a way to give meaning to a bunch of seemingly random life events and opportunities.



Big question: Home-based businesses struggle to get their products to market.

My experience: The Innovation Scholar program has allowed me to grow and explore in more depth my fascination with entrepreneurship, consumer goods and the design process. I am grateful for this opportunity that I have had to expand my horizons with innovation.



Big question: The current rate of innovation is low considering available resources.

My experience: I entered college wanting to learn everything, major in everything and be everything. I even switched majors from biology to physics to chemistry not wanting to choose just one. I didn’t find out until my fourth year of college that things make more sense when they revolve around a specific purpose that solves a problem.