Crossover Clothing: Custom Apparel Brands for Athletes

Crossover Clothing is an up-and-coming clothing brand based in Utah, focusing on custom apparel and giving athletes the chance to build their personal brand and deepen their connection with their supporters. The company partners with student-athletes across various sports and universities, helping them launch their own branded merchandise lines.

Crossover Clothing is the creation of Bo Wilkinson, who is growing the company in the Master of Business Creation (MBC) program at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business. Wilkinson was born and raised in Utah, and his background is full of sports, including some involvement with the Utah Jazz, Utah Grizzlies, and Salt Lake Bees. This experience in the sports industry has given Wilkinson a unique set of skills.

“Recognizing the evolving landscape of athlete endorsements and the need for innovative solutions, I was motivated to create a business that would address these gaps while offering athletes a tangible way to build and benefit from their personal brands,” Wilkinson said.

Name, image, and likeness – or NIL for short – is the name of the game, and that is what Crossover Clothing is all about.

Crossover Clothing came from Wilkinson witnessing the challenges and limitations that student-athletes regularly face in their efforts to leverage their NIL. Wilkinson recognized the evolving world of athlete endorsements and the need for innovative solutions. He said, “I was motivated to create a business that would address these gaps while offering athletes a tangible way to build and benefit from their personal brands.” Because of Crossover Clothing, athletes have had the chance to increase their marketability, visibility, and get significant earnings via royalties.

Crossover Clothing’s desire to empower student-athletes beyond their sports careers is what sets the company apart from its competition. There is great potential in monetizing personal brands and Wilkinson knows this. “Our model emphasizes ethical partnerships, transparency, and empowerment, making us more than just a clothing brand; we’re a career development tool for young athletes,” he said.

Crossover Clothing aims to reach further and expand its network of athletic partners. Their goal is to help more student-athletes use NIL and become the go-to platform for NIL opportunities. Additionally, they plan to explore new markets and innovate with the products they offer as a company.

Wilkinson is getting help to improve his business while enrolled in the Master of Business Creation program. It is improving his knowledge and understanding of the business world. He joined the program after receiving an undergraduate degree in communications. To face the challenging and competitive world of small businesses, and help grow Crossover Clothing further, Wilkinson decided to join the MBC. Finance, marketing, and strategic management are some of the qualities Wilkinson wanted to improve in himself during his time in the program, and he has.

“The MBC program has been invaluable for Crossover Clothing, with its knowledgeable staff and our incredible cohort of founders,” Wilkinson said. “The staff’s expertise has been crucial, offering tailored advice that has directly impacted our growth strategy. Equally important has been the teamwork and insights from other founders in the program. Each founder brings a unique perspective and set of experiences, contributing to a rich learning environment where we all benefit from shared challenges and solutions.”

He said his experience in the MBC program has been highly personalized.

“Unlike traditional programs that apply a one-size-fits-all curriculum, the MBC program recognizes the unique challenges and opportunities each founder faces,” Wilkinson said. “Each aspect of the program, from the assignments to the projects, is customized to support the growth of our individual businesses. This bespoke approach allows us to apply what we learn directly to our enterprises, making the educational experience incredibly relevant and immediately impactful.”

Through the contribution and teamwork of his fellow founders in the program and the invaluable knowledge that the staff provides, Crossover Clothing has grown and improved due to the MBC, and so has Wilkinson.

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