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Here are sample projects by Innovation Scholar students who are asking big questions and gaining life-changing experiences (in alphabetical order):


Big question: University of Utah campus lacks centralized bus terminal.

My experience: The Innovation Scholar roadmap course was one of courses where I felt the most camaraderie. It has high level of cooperation among students. Each classmate supports and interacts with the others. Although all of us had a hard time expressing ideas in the beginning, we opened up. It is a very helpful class.

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Big question: Healthcare innovation is fragmented and not culturally integrated.

My experience: My Innovation Scholar journey has been incredible. Just like a mountain climb, I have come to the end of this journey. But like any other mountain climb, as soon as you reach the peak, a marvelous scene is placed before you — hundreds of new peaks to climb! While the Innovation Scholar may be coming to an end, my life journey of innovation has barely begun.

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Ethan Beseris

Big question: How can swimmers compete

My experience: In their quest to build a nationally ranked program, the athletics department had created a void for all those who weren’t competing at a national level. I created the University of Utah Club Swim Team as a solution to this problem. I believe that if you are passionate about a sport, you should be able to play it, regardless of what any coach tells you.

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Big question: My community is unaware of the vast benefits of living sustainably and simply.

My experience: The Innovative Scholar program helped me to get on a path of a career that I know will truly make me happy. I’ve found that making a difference and helping others to do the same is more of a reward than money could ever be for me. I owe a lot to this program and I’m so thankful to have completed it and will always remember it in my future endeavors.

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Big question: Medical devices for today’s medicine need to be cost effective and fit into the socioeconomic structure of patients’ daily living.

My experience:  In this program, I have learned that innovation is not the sudden illumination of a thought of genius. Rather it is the consistent effort to discover something hidden, and then apply the needed work to bring out the best in what you’ve discovered. Innovation is much more than that of course, but my perspective has changed. I now realize that anyone who dares to take chances and is willing to work hard can be a useful innovator.

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Dane Goodwin

Big question: I would like to find a better way to incorporate art into the streets of Salt Lake City, because I believe that art increases creativity, and improves the quality of life.

My experience:  I have gained a lot of invaluable wisdom these last couple years. [T]he most helpful thing I did was to get out of the art building and across campus; to see new things and meet wonderful people. Doing so allowed me to discover some amazing connections that I otherwise would not have. Also focusing on innovation and making an impact has given me the drive to actually effect change and cause a scene in the art world.

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Big question: How to improve the quality of life of cancer patients and their families.

My experience: My experience with Innovation Scholar so far has basically been awesome as it has provided a segue for me to connect my education with my personal goals and desires. The program makes me believe I can change the world, and I know I will.

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Big question: Many people feel powerless to change their economic circumstances.

My experience: I thought I knew myself inside and out, but this course has provided me with a deeper look into who I am, and what’s important to me in life. During this course, we were challenged to conduct critical self-assessments that helped many of us to identify what has actually shaped the people that we have become.

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Elizabeth Morales

Big question: I would like to find a better way to motivate minority and underrepresented students attend and attend college because I see how it is affecting my community.

My experience: One of my greatest accomplishments while being a student at the U has been creating a program with Innovation Scholars and the Lassonde Institute in promoting diversity into the business school, entrepreneur institute and STEM programs here at the U, and building bridges with various other programs around the community.

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Big question: Technology has not advanced to completely support patients who take blood thinning medications.

My experience: My participation in the Innovation Scholar Program allowed me to gather courses and experiences serendipitously provided to me and connect them to realize my passion. It has been more than just a learning experience, but a way to give meaning to a bunch of seemingly random life events and opportunities.

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Trapper Roderick

Big question: I wanted to find a better way to give people an experience when buying a suit.

My experience: Many people ask what are you studying. I always felt that to be a boring question. I want to know what people did while they were her. I have been in school for nearly 8 years and the experience I have had are unforgettable. The impacts I have contributed to in society and in other students will last a lifetime.

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Giulia Soto

Big question: I would like to find a better way to create a stronger educational connection between the United States and Latin America.

My experience: The Innovative Scholar program allowed me to connect my interests in Education, Latin America, and Business Administration. Creating my passion statement, which is to find a better way to create a stronger educational connection between Peru and the United States. I was pushed to think throughout my limit and think about my dreams as being a reality.

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