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The Tips


Think Sustainably

No Soil Required

Imagine a garden in your home that requires no soil. Georgie Corkery, an environmental and sustainability studies and urban ecology major ...

Thinner Solar Cells

Dennis Pruzan, a materials science and engineering Ph.D student, is innovating the future of solar energy. ...

Low-Cost Air Quality Sensors

Jonathan Whitaker will have a sigh of relief for more reasons than graduating in 2017. An undergraduate in computer engineering ...


Be a Leader

Promoting Social Entrepreneurship

Liz Morales, an ethnic studies and communications major, has devoted herself and her education to create opportunities for under-served populations ...

STEM Advocate

Lane Mulvey, an undergraduate biology major at the U, wanted to the make the most out of her college career. “As soon as I got to college, one of my goals ...


Tailor Your Future

President's New Suit

U student Trapper Roderick fitted President David W. Pershing for a custom suit in Pershing’s office at the University of Utah ...

The Art of Foster Care

When you start a new class, you don’t usually expect to end that class with your own benefit corporation. ...

Celebrate Everyday

It all began in early 2016, when Jocee Porter was volunteering for Big Brothers Big Sisters between classes in computer engineering at the U. ...


Game On!

A Portable Arcade System

U student Nick Mountz and high school classmate Dalton Clift combined a passion for technology and an entrepreneurial spirit to create Microcade ...


For the fall 2016 semester, Kun Cheng, an Entertainment Arts and Engineering (EAE) graduate student, was the lead engineer developing a virtual reality video game ...


When Ryan Bliss first arrived at the U, he was told exactly what to expect: lifelong friendships and a never-ending amount of social events. ...

Tracking Campus Shuttles

In response to the lacking presence of a native iOS application for the University of Utah’s shuttle system, Nick Porter ...

Training Police through Virtual Reality

What started out as a thesis project for six graduate students in the Entertainment Arts and Engineering program at the University of Utah ...


#LiveCreateLaunch at Lassonde

All Students Welcome at Lassonde Studios

Lassonde Studios is the new $45 million home for student entrepreneurs and innovators at the U. The facility, which opened in August 2016 ...


Embrace the Arts

Art of Games

One of Cody Lee’s first memories was playing video games with his brother when he was 3 years old, and his obsession has only grown over time. ...

Bringing Representation to Film

At the 2016 Academy Awards, the issue of diversity — or lack thereof — was widely acknowledged, with many actors threatening to boycott the show. ...


Serve a Need

A Faster Way to Clean Your Home

Jaron Hall is graduating with a degree in business administration in May 2017 – and he has no plans to get a job. He hasn’t had a regular job since 2014. ...

Bringing Crepes to SLC

Something is missing from the SLC food scene. Crepes! Jordan Nilsson, a business administration major at the U, noticed this gap. ...


Care for Others

Biodegradable Pads

For many women around the world, feminine hygiene products are not easily available or accessible. Women are often forced to stay home from school ...

Helping Patients Catch Their Breath

When it’s a matter of life or death, it’s important to constantly improve the industry. Which is why, when U faculty member and anesthesiologist ...

Wedging the Internal Gap

As a biomedical engineering major, Brian Cottle, in his sophomore year at the U, developed “The Wedge.” It is used for abdominal muscle endurance testing ...

A Cup for Better Diagnosis

A wireless urine flow meter system leveraging cloud-hosting, smart phones and patented capacitance-based sensors by Stream DX has transformed ...


Use Design-Thinking

Multi-Disciplinary Design Projects

If you are a student interested in design, look no further than the Multidisciplinary Design program, or MDD ...


Gear Up

Portal Power

When Mica Sloan and Aidan Daoussis moved into the Lassonde Studios in the fall of 2016, they only had one thing in common: a shared loft space. ...

Smart Diaper Bag

If you have a baby on the way or already have one, two U students have a new product to keep on your radar. ...

Infant Breathing Monitor

Every year, more than 3,400 babies in the U.S. die of sudden unexpected infant death syndrome, often referred to as SIDS. ...

Cheap Drones

Typical mapping drones cost anywhere from $1,000 to $50,000 to buy. Casey Duncan and David Wheatley, geology grad students at the U, and Sam Chesebrough ...

Mining Ice on Mars

Humans have yet to visit Mars. Partly because it’s 140 million miles away and partly because we don’t have enough resources to sustain human life. ...

The Future of Bike Tools

Identify, refine, resolve. This design process is followed by Evan DeGray, a Lassonde Studios resident and Multidisciplinary Design major in nearly all of his pursuits ...

Purifying Blood with Nanoparticles

Caleb Johnson is an undergraduate chemical engineering student, focusing on biology. With professor Agnes Ostafin’s help ...


Do It for Your Community

Multicultural Math

Born in Huancayo, Peru, Giulia Soto moved to Utah at the age of five. Her parents speak Spanish and Quechua fluently ...

Voice for Minorities

Ashkan Azmak, a master’s student in the International Affairs and Global Enterprise (MIAGE) program leads the design of a “marketplace plan” ...

Custom Education Plans

Most majors are a one-size-fits-all education plan that gives students a broad knowledge of an industry but lacks the various specific skills ...

Business for Refugees

Before coming to the U to pursue a Ph.D. in social work, Ujal Ibrahim worked with the 2006 Nobel Peace Laureate in Bangladesh to help children ...


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