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Lane Mulvey, an undergraduate biology major at the U, wanted to the make the most out of her college career. “As soon as I got to college, one of my goals was to get involved,” Mulvey said. So she did just that. She joined a roller derby team, became a campus life mentor, joined the Biology Student Advisory Committee and worked her way up to the position of editor-in-chief for an on-campus STEM publication called “The Sponge.” “We provide a platform for students in the STEM fields who are typically seen as being technical to express their artistic talents,” Mulvey said about the publication. “‘The Sponge’ acts as a creative outlet for students to share poetry, drawing, photography and short stories.” Under the guidance of professor Nitin Phadnis, Mulvey also works as an undergraduate researcher and as a genetics teaching assistant, helping students understand concepts such as evolution and speciation. “Dr. Phadnis has been a phenomenal mentor,” Mulvey said. “He really challenges his undergraduate researchers, creating a wonderful environment for growth and the development of critical thinking skills.” Learn more about Phadnis’s lab at and about “The Sponge” at

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