Business for Refugees

Before coming to the U to pursue a Ph.D. in social work, Ujal Ibrahim worked with the 2006 Nobel Peace Laureate in Bangladesh to help children of Grameen Bank (a bank for the poor with close to 9 million borrowers) borrowers to become entrepreneurs. Now he is bringing social good to Salt Lake City. Ibrahim is working with the Microbusiness Connection Center (MCC) and established a program that helps refugees start their own businesses. MCC provides refugees with business classes that Ibrahim co-developed and teaches, as well as allows them to present their ideas to possible investors and network with other business owners. The refugees also get hands-on experience in business and product design through Design Labs. This program helps refugees establish a life here and encourages them to explore their creativity as well. It also contributes to Salt Lake City’s economy by jump-starting business.

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4 thoughts on “Business for Refugees

  1. Ujal is smart, creative and enterprising! The best part is that he always strives to share his knowledge and expertise with others. How do I know? He was my graduate assistant at Texas Christian University and we’ve stayed in touch ever since. I know he would have profound impact not just on the refugee community in Utah, but beyond. His work in Bangladesh is a testament to what he will achieve. Kudos to Lassonde for featuring Ujal’s work!

  2. Wow, nice work, Ujal. You’ve traveled a long way since coming here years ago, moving on to Texas, and now back to Utah. Keep up the good work. Refugees need a lot of support, and what you’re doing can make a big difference.

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