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About ‘Student Innovation @ the U’

“Student Innovation at the U” is an annual publication celebrating student innovation and impact at the University of Utah. A digital version is available at This publication is produced by the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, an interdisciplinary division of the David Eccles School of Business and the hub for student entrepreneurs and innovators at the U. Learn about the Lassonde Institute at

This publication is managed by staff at the Lassonde Institute, including:

Troy D’Ambrosio — executive director, Lassonde Institute; assistant dean, David Eccles School of Business
Kathy Hajeb — director, Lassonde Institute; assistant professor (lecturer), David Eccles School of Business
Thad Kelling — marketing director, Lassonde Institute

Student Contributors

Allie Shaw, assistant editor (BS Communication, 2017) — Allie is a communications major in her senior year. Along with being the assistant editor for this publication, she spends the majority of her time working her two other jobs and finding dogs to pet. After school, she plans to move to the West Coast and find the love of her life … aka a golden doodle. LinkedIn: shawallie

J Abubo, writer (BS Computer Science, Entertainment Arts & Engineering emphasis, 2019) — J is a creative powerhouse, freelance writer and content creator at the Lassonde Institute. She’s currently at R&D for an augmented reality community message board and leading the chant at the next protest. LinkedIn: abubo | Facebook: abubo | Twitter: @julieabubo

Daryk Childs, photographer (BS Japanese and Asian Studies, Business Minor, 2018) — Daryk is a technology enthusiast and photographer, getting paid to shoot people with his camera. Instagram: @daryk.h.c | Facebook: dhcvisual

Natasha Fisher, writer (BS Accounting, 2019) — Natasha is a resident of Lassonde Studios and a sophomore in the business program. She loves music, art, camping and dogs. She hopes to pursue accounting and develop an art outreach program.

Parker Gibbons,
photographer (BS Multidisciplinary Design, 2019) — Parker has taken photos and made short films almost 10 years. He is production director of student-run ad agency AdThing and a student director at the Lassonde Institute. He hopes to use skills in multimedia and product design to help entrepreneurs and emerging industries bring ideas to life. Web: | Instagram & Twitter: @parker_gibbons

Megan Glasmann, writer, photographer (Ph.D. School Psychology, 2020) — Megan is passionate about providing rising entrepreneurs with the resources they need to succeed. A writer and content producer for the Lassonde Institute, Megan enjoys telling the stories behind the students of Lassonde Studios while managing her own art business. Instagram:
@megan.glasmann, @mgartinstallations

Caroline Moreton, writer (BS Creative Advertising, 2018) — Caroline is a total advertising geek. There’s no advertising major at the U so she decided to design her own. She’s also the associate creative director at AdThing, and loves movies and writing. Web: | Twitter:
@carolinemoreton | Instagram: @carolinemoreton

Tayyeb Mubarik, photographer (BS Electrical Engineering, 2019) — Tayyeb is a photographer for the Lassonde Institute. Photography has always been a passion for him, and he tries to be creative with it. He loves to go on adventures and meet new people. Instagram:

Abraham Tinklepaugh, writer, aka @StudioWordSLC (BS Strategic Communication, 2017) — Abraham’s evil plan to graduate school into an expansive PR position is working. If you’re a startup, StudioWordSLC writes to inform and delight so you don’t have to. LinkedIn: abrahamtinklepaugh | Twitter: @studiowordslc

Contact Us: Have a question? Want copies? Do you want to nominate a student to be featured in the next edition? Or do you want to be a contributor? We want to hear from you. Contact editor Thad Kelling at or 801-587-8811 or contact the Lassonde Institute at or 801-587-3836.

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