Index App: Share Social Media Profiles with Ease

ATTEND LAUNCH PARTY: The Index app team invites everyone to join the for a launch party at Lassonde Studios on Jan. 28 at 4-5:30 p.m. for a launch party in the Neeleman Hangar. The company will provide free food and cash prizes.

The Index app, created by University of Utah students, in essence is a virtual business card. It puts all of your contact information — including social media accounts— into one spot. Not only that but it creates a QR code containing all of that information so that can easily be scanned by another Index user invested of having to enter it manually.

“We just hope to simplify the process of exchanging contact info,” said Taren Rohovit, Index CEO, U student and resident at Lassonde Studios.

The app allows full customizability, allowing the users to pick and choose which social media accounts they want to share with who. This eliminates the struggle of having to individually add someones phone number, email, Snapchat, Twitter, nIstagram, Facebook, ect. by providing a simple one button solution.

The Index app makes it easy to share social media profiles.

The Index team is currently comprised of three members, all students here at the University of Utah. Rohovit is pursuing a major in cognitive psychology. Adam Shelton (CFO) is pre-med as well as pursuing a major in business. The lead programming developer Mathew Beseris is on his way to a major in computer science.

“If I wasn’t living at Lassonde Studios I never would have even considered attempting a startup company,” Rohovit said.

The first step is taking this app to beta.

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