Lassonde Award Process

Congratulations for being awarded funding for your startup venture. Before you can receive your award, you must complete some paperwork. Please review and follow the steps below to receive your award, and contact us with any questions.

Step 1: Review and Complete the Award Packet

Please carefully review and complete all applicable sections in the Lassonde Award Packet. We must receive an award packet for each prize that you have been awarded before you will receive your funds.

Step 2: Complete W9 Tax Form(s)

All grant recipients must complete a W9 form for each business or person receiving funding.

Step 3: Submit Completed Award Packet

Upload your completed package and W9 tax form(s). Please review your packet and check for accuracy before your final submission.

Step 4: Get Funded!

Once you’ve submitted your awards packet it will take 4-6 weeks for your award to be disbursed. Please keep an eye on your email in-case we need additional information from you.