Professional Advice for Your Idea

expertsHours with Experts allows students to get advice from professionals in many fields. We have lawyers, designers accountants, manufacturing experts, marketers and more. The program offers two event types. First, students can attend group discussions with an expert. This is a great opportunity to learn about diverse topics and hear what questions other students are asking to learn from their experience. Second, students sign up for one-on-one sessions to meet with an expert in private to discuss a project. The private appointments are first-come, first-served, and the experts available vary by date and time. Register below for a private, one-on-one session. Find more dates and details by browsing the Lassonde Institute events calendar.

Upcoming Group Discussions

Attend an upcoming group discussion to get to know an expert and more about many diverse topics. Browse our online events calendar to see what experts and topics are scheduled.

Schedule a One-on-One Session

Schedule a private appointment with one of our experts below. First, select who you want to meet with. Then select a date and time. We add new experts and dates as they become available. All University of Utah students are welcome to schedule appointments.