Host a Gathering or Activity at Lassonde Studios

meetupsWant to meet new friends? Up to host an activity or gathering around something that you find interesting? Open mic nights, firepit gatherings, games on the lawn, hackathon, game night, other ideas? We want to hear about it! The Meetups program will give you the opportunity to host an activity and get the word out. We hope to inspire Lassonde students to meet new people, give you a place and community to discover new things with. Submit your idea below, and our team will get back to you with a thumbs up. Activities will be reviewed to confirm they are for the Lassonde community, don’t conflict with any other Lassonde events, and don’t negatively impact Lassonde spaces or resources. Let us know if you need supplies or materials. We can also help get the word out by posting on our Lassonde calendar.