Learn the key skills in management, leadership, and productivity

Are you a student that loves creating? Do you daydream about changing the world with your ideas? Maybe you want to learn how to be in complete control of the direction of your life? Are you planning your crowdfunding campaign to launch your first product?

The Foundry at Lassonde is a program that helps students learn the key skills in management, leadership, and productivity to build and run businesses and creative projects.

The Foundry at Lassonde is the only place in the University of Utah where you can receive (1) course credit for working on your passion project or new venture and (2) the same managerial training and coaching that high-potentials and top managers in the best-run companies receive — using your passion project or new venture as the fulcrum.

You’ll surround yourself with other students who will be your peer-mentors. Students will have their own individual ideas and projects yet are dedicated to helping each other be successful.  We learn by doing. We take action each week to advance our projects and share our challenges and what we learn with our community.

ENTP 5870 The Foundry is offered every Spring semester. (See ENTP classes in the U course catalog here.) The course meets synchronously Tuesday mornings 9:10-10:30 a.m. and asynchronously online at the end of each week. We use lightweight documents to track our progress, communicate, and hold each other accountable.

Is the Foundry right for you?

The Foundry is open to all students of any field of study. You don’t need to have any previous experience starting or running a business. You don’t even need to have an idea; participants are welcome to join the team of another student. All you need is the willingness to take action and learn from the results you get. The value that you get from the Foundry is equal to your contribution to the community.

How do you join the Foundry?

You can register for the class under ENTP 5870/001 and graduate-level students should register for ENTP 6870/001.