Startup Seed Grant Program


Need some money to get your idea off the ground? All University of Utah students are welcome to participate in the Get Seeded milestone grant program. A milestone is a goal or accomplishment that tracks your progress as you grow your business idea. Get Seeded is looking for short-term measurable milestones (e.g., prototyping, marketing, developing your app) that can be achieved in 30-90 days. Get Seeded has two types of milestone grants that students can apply for to encourage them to test and grow their business ideas. The first is a microgrant for funding asks up to $500, and the second is the regular grant for funding asks from $501 to $1,500.

Upcoming Dates & Deadlines

Please check the Lassonde events calendar for upcoming dates and deadlines for the Get Seeded rounds.

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The Rosann Family Social Impact Grant

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