Milestone funding program


Need some money to get your idea off the ground? All college students in Utah are welcome to participate in the Get Seeded grant program. Students can apply for seed grants of up to $2,500. Get Seeded has two or three stages for teams depending on how much money you’re asking for. First, students complete a Get Seeded application online. Second, advancing teams present a 3-minute, in-person pitch during a pre-pitch and selection session. This is the last step for teams asking for $500 or less. Third, advancing teams asking for more than $500 then present at a final pitch event, where a live audience votes on who gets funded. The program is sponsored by Zions Bank and Chad and Kristen Anselmo.

Upcoming Dates & Deadlines

Please check the Lassonde events calendar for upcoming dates and deadlines for the Get Seeded rounds. Each round includes these events: application opens, application closes, Pre-Pitch Event (invite only) and Final Pitch Event.

Events Calendar