People & Program Contacts

Browse this directory to find people who manage our programs. We want to hear from you! We are a big team composed of a handful of staff members and a large group of student leaders.

Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute Leadership

Troy D’Ambrosio

Lassonde Executive Director, Assistant Dean –, 801-587-3836

Jack Brittain

Professor, Lassonde Chair –, 801-581-8791

Jay Barney

Presidential Professor, Lassonde Chair –, 801-585-2456

Kathy Hajeb

Professor (Lecturer) & Lassonde Faculty Director –, 801-587-3836

Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute Staff

Anne Bastien

Program Director –, 801-585-3198

Alicia Vess

Administrative Officer –, 801-587-3836

Pat Jones

Operations Director –, 801-585-0722

Thad Kelling

Marketing & Public Relations Director –, 801-587-8811

Despina Giannopoulos

Marketing Coordinator –, 801-581-5373

Lassonde Studios Staff

PJ Kelsch

Hospitality Manager –, 801-213-8700

Gaurav Mishra

Hospitality Manager –, 801-213-8700

Eliasib Paredes-Bautista

Hospitality Manager –, 801-213-8700

Jennie Sullivan

Hospitality Manager –, 801-213-8700

Department of Entrepreneurship & Strategy

We partner with the Department of Entrepreneurship & Strategy at the David Eccles School of Business to provide academic opportunities. Learn more and find faculty at

Housing & Residential Education

We partner with Housing & Residential Education (HRE) at the University of Utah to manage residential opportunities at Lassonde Studios. Contact HRE employees and learn more at

General Contact Information for Programs

For inquiries about Lassonde programs, please use our general contact information: or 801-857-3836.