Demo Day

All are Welcome to Celebrate the Year

Join us at the 2024 Lassonde Demo Day on Wednesday, May 1, 2024, 3-5 p.m. at Lassonde Studios (1701 Student Life Way, Salt Lake City, Utah). All are welcome to attend. We will be celebrating the end of the year and everything our students have accomplished. The event will feature a student-startup showcase, free food, music, and we will be applauding our student leaders. We will be giving a limited amount of “Lassonde Dollars” for attendees to buy student products, then we will reimburse the startups for the purchases. Attend the event to learn about what products and services our many student startups have been working on this year. We think you’ll be as impressed as we are. Registration is requested to attend. We also welcome all our student entrepreneurs to apply to join the showcase at the link below. We look forward to seeing you at Demo Day!

Contact Us

Do you have questions about Demo Day, including how to attend or participate? We want hear from you. Contact us here.