Live, Create, Launch … in the Summer!

Get the most from your summer and a life-changing experience by living and participating in programs at Lassonde Studios. Student living here get access to everything, and other students can also get involved. During the summer, we have unique living options, meetups, workshops, startup grants, makerspace, tools, scholarships, and more. Get involved to get ahead on your degree, work toward Utah residency, meet new people, build your resume, learn new skills, or launch your startup or idea. Learn more and apply to live here below.

Live at Lassonde Studios in Summer

All students are welcome to live at Lassonde Studios during the summer. Living here is a great way to get the most from our community. Live here while taking summer classes at the U, or live here without taking classes by participating in our non-credit programs. Non-credit options include our Explore Entrepreneurship program. Students living with us while taking classes are also welcome and encouraged to participate in these programs. See details below.

Lassonde Studios Design Floor

Housing Options & Prices

Residents at Lassonde Studios choose from four themed floors and three housing types. Browse to discover what options will work best for you. Amenities and prices vary by room type.

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Lassonde Studios

About Lassonde Studios

Find a virtual tour, image gallery and more on our main page for Lassonde Studios. Learn about our amazing, five-story facility that combines a public creative space and mixed-use space on the first floor with four floors of residential space above.

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Explore Entrepreneurship Summer Resident Program

Students living at Lassonde Studios in the summer are welcome to participate in our Explore Entrepreneurship resident program. You will attend workshops, learn about the entrepreneurial mindset, get to know each other and have a great time. This program is free for residents. Apply to live at Lassonde Studios to participate in this program. Browse our events calendar to see related events when information is available.

Summer Events & Activities

We have many events and activities planned for the summer. Participate in workshops, grant programs, mentor opportunities and more. We will also have plenty of just-for-fun activities to help you meet new people and have a great time. Watch our online events calendar for dates and details.

More Summer Opportunities

Entrepreneurship Classes

Take entrepreneurship classes. Get an in-depth at what it looks like to start a company, invent a product and manage a business. Check the course catalog for options.

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Stay in Utah for Residency

Staying on campus through the summer will help you obtain Utah residency. Spend your time at Lassonde Studios with our community of entrepreneurs, makers and innovators.

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Graduate on Time

Stay on track to graduate by taking summer classes and getting ahead. Check the University of Utah course catalog to see what classes are available.

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Summer In-State tuition

Did you know all undergrads pay in-state tuition during the summer semester, whether or not they are Utah residents? Save money by taking classes in the summer.

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Meetups & Social Events

Get to know new people by participating in our summer Meetups and social events. All residents are invited to propose a meetup activity and request support.

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