Inspirational Quotes at Lassonde Studios

At Lassonde Studios, we have a tradition of asking our residents and student leaders to submit inspirational quotes at the end of the year. We then select the best ones to install permanently in the stairways. We hope these quotes will inspire many more students to do dream big and change the world. We also hope this shows students that this is a place where their voices are heard.

We started with quotes from exceptional University of Utah alumni when we opened the building in 2016, and then we have added the student quotes every year. We look forward to collecting and showcasing many more.

One of the first quotes we added was from our founder Pierre Lassonde. He said, “Do your 10,000 hours to get that preparation, then get on as many roads as you can, get naked on the freeway, and opportunity will come.”

See all the quotes we have collected so far in the image gallery below.

Image Gallery

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