Together You Can Accomplish More

coworkHoused in the Neeleman Hangar of Lassonde Studios, Coworking is the space where students meet to work. Whether you’re new to Lassonde or an experienced entrepreneur, there is a place for you in our cohesive community. Coworking at the Studios offers a modular space for students to work productively, engage in Lassonde programs, and collaborate with other students. Bring your work, share your ideas, and build your network. If you’re wondering how to become engaged with Lassonde, walk into the Coworking space, pull up a chair, and ask for help. One of the Coworking hosts will make sure you learn how to get involved. The Cowork team also manages the Connections Boards at Lassonde Studios. Use these boards to write your name and contact information to find collaborators. Email the Cowork team at

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