Monthly milestone funding program


Need a seed grant to get your idea off the ground? Monthly Get Seeded events are student-run pitch events for aspiring student entrepreneurs. To receive funding, you must complete three steps. First, apply online, and be selected by the judges to present your idea at a Pitch Screening and Selection Event. Second, present your 3-minute pitch at a Pitch Screening and Selection Event, and judges will choose which teams advance to a Get Seeded Final Pitch Event. Third, present your pitch to your peers at a Get Seeded Final Pitch Event, and the audience will decide if you get funded. The program is sponsored by Zions Bank.

2018-19 Get Seeded Calendar

  • September — Aug. 27 (application opens), Sept. 4 (application closes), Sept. 10 (Pre-pitch event), Sept. 24 (Final Pitch event)
  • October — Sept. 25 (application opens), Oct. 9 (application closes), Oct. 15 (Pre-pitch event), Oct. 29 (Final Pitch event)
  • November — Oct. 30 (application opens), Nov. 5 (application closes), Nov. 13 (Pre-pitch event), Nov. 26 (Final Pitch event)
  • January — Nov. 27 (application opens), Jan. 7 (application closes), Jan. 14 (Pre-pitch event), Jan. 28 (Final Pitch event)
  • February — Jan. 29 (application opens), Feb. 4 (application closes), Feb. 11 (Pre-pitch event), Feb. 25 (Final Pitch event)
  • March — Feb. 26 (application opens), March 4 (application closes), March 11 (Pre-pitch event), March 25 (Final Pitch event)
  • April — March 26 (application opens), April 8 (application closes), April 15 (Pre-pitch event), April 29 (Final Pitch event)


Get Seeded Overview