L5 Scavenger Hunt

Complete All the Missions to Win $500 in Prizes

Welcome to Lassonde Studios! All of our incoming residents are invited to join us in the L5 scavenger hunt! If you complete all of the missions, you will be entered to win $500 worth of prizes, including Airpods, a Cotopaxi backpack, ENOS hammock and straps, and a Hydroflask. The scavenger hunt is a great way for you to get to know the community all while having fun and an opportunity to win some cool prizes. Two of the prizes will be awarded in a random drawing, and two will be selected based on creativity and effort. You can start the hunt as soon as you move into Lassonde Studios. The deadline to finish all the missions is Friday, Aug. 28, at midnight. Good luck!

Disclaimer: The photos and information you submit in this contest may be used on the Lassonde website and social media.


To enter the scavenger hunt, add your contact information and complete all the missions below. Contact us with any questions.