Snapback Philosophy at Lassonde Studios

[UPDATED: 03-03-20]

We need your help to keep things in order at Lassonde Studios. If you move a chair, table, whiteboard, or anything else in any of the community areas, please put it back where you found it. We call this our snapback philosophy. This applies to all shared spaces, including the upstairs makerspaces and the first floor.

The snapback philosophy is part of a broader belief in self-governance at Lassonde Studios. Students who live here and help run programs at Lassonde are asked to take ownership and pride in the space and do their part to help make this the type of community where they want to live and spend time. This is something we achieve together.

Chairs on one of the most common things moved. Please carry those back to wherever you found them when you are done. The next person will thank you.

Yes, the whiteboards with wheels are easy to move wherever you need them. It’s great you’re putting them to use. But please wheel them back to where you found them when you are done for the next person’s brainstorming session.

If something is broken, please contact the Lassonde Studios Front Desk or file a maintenance request. The sooner something is reported, the sooner it can be fixed.

Thank you for your help to make Lassonde Studios a great place to live, create, and launch.