9 Great Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

Podcasts can be very helpful for busy entrepreneurs. We crave to learn new skills and strategies, but can lack the time to pick up a book and read it – especially when you are balancing all your time and attention on your education, company, and family.

Podcasts can be a great source of helpful information to consume while driving to work, while at the gym, and even while working on your startup. Feeding your brain with great podcasts can also help further develop and sustain the entrepreneurial mindset.

But with so many podcasts, it can be difficult to find the best ones. To help you get started, we assembled this list of recommendations below after talking to founders, students, and faculty at Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute and David Eccles School of Business.

How I Built This

Hosted by: Guy Raz

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Want to hear startup stories and inspiration behind the individuals who now run the world’s best-known companies like Lululemon, Instagram, Airbnb, Lyft, and many others? NPR’s business podcast “How I Built This,” hosted by Guy Raz, features innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists and has conversations about their journey and the successes and failures they encountered. This podcast covers a variety of industries. If you’re an entrepreneur and are fascinated in hearing startup stories, this is the podcast for you!

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The Tim Ferriss Show

Hosted by: Tim Ferris

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One way entrepreneurs can learn is from other people. “The Tim Ferriss Show” highlights the growth of diverse world-class performers like: Lebron James, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Peter Theil, Amanda Palmer, and more. He deconstructs these individuals and extracts the tactic, tools, and routines such as management tips, morning routines, and healthy habits. This podcast is often the No. 1 business podcast on Apple on many occasions with over 100 million downloads.

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She Did It Her Way

Hosted by: Amanda Boleyn

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Thinking of taking the leap of ditching the 9-5 and becoming a full-time entrepreneur? Amanda Boleyn, host of “She Did It Her Way,” delivers fresh content on productivity tips, strategies, and how to transition into a full-time entrepreneur. Along with helpful content, she also interviews women who have become full-time entrepreneurs who do things their way (Amy Porterfield, Jenna Kutcher, Julie Solomon, and more).

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Hosted by: Lisa Chow & Alex Blumberg

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From Gimlet Media, “StartUp” tells you want it means to kick-off your business. Presented in the form of a documentary series based on the entrepreneurial life. This podcast was made into an ABC sitcom called Alex, Inc. starring Zach Braff. StartUp has been downloaded tens of millions of times since 2014.

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Hosted by: Chris Drucker

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Chris Drucker, entrepreneur, author, and keynote speaker informs everyone on how to be a brand entrepreneur in the 21st century. Drucker covers every topic from delegating to launching online products and establishing industry authority. He offers insight and tactics to help business owners succeed.

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Blogging with Leslie

Hosted by: Leslie Samuel

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Did you know you can grow your business substantially with a blog? Leslie Samuel teaches you how to grow your company alongside of a blog that will help you thrive no matter what gets thrown at it. Leslie features entrepreneurs who have created their own platforms and transformed their business into a thriving online business.

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Online Marketing Made Easy

Hosted by: Amy Porterfield

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“Online Marketing Made Easy” discusses topics from how to start an online business to growing your email list to thousands of subscribers to Facebook advertising. Amy Porterfield answers important questions through her podcasts that help you take immediate action. Porterfield will help you generate more profits through educational podcasts on digital marketing.

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The Introvert Entrepreneur

Hosted by: Beth Buelow

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“The Introvert Entrepreneur” was named “Top 25 Business Podcasts for Entrepreneurs” and featured in the “Inspiring Women’s Voices” category on iTunes. Through interviews and discussions, Beth Buelow brings introvert perspectives, advice, and inspiration to those who are introverted.

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Hosted by: Natalie Eckdahl

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Natalie Eckdahl is a coach for high-performing women and assists female entrepreneurs in owning their title as a CEO through coaching and trainings to refine strategies and implementation through changing your mindset. She also hosts annual leadership conferences for women entrepreneurs.

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