True Adherence

A Smarter Way to Exercise

Chris Bright and Kyle Poulin founded their company True Adherence to make exercise safer and more effective. When he worked as a personal trainer, Poulin saw too many people risk injury or stunt their progress because they were exercising incorrectly. True Adherence’s technology provides real-time feedback and data to help people exercise smarter. Now, Bright and Poulin are both part of the first cohort of the Master of Business Creation program at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business, and they hope to make crucial fitness information available to everyone — even without a personal trainer.

True Adherence is a real-time biomechanic feedback platform that takes metrics and measures data about a person’s workout history. “We can help athletes, or anyone working out, understand how to do exercises,” Poulin said. “If there’s something wrong with their form, they can get real-time correction to get safer and more effective in the movements that they’re doing.” The technology can also count reps, measure times, and collect relevant statistics to a person’s individual goals.

The service uses an infrared camera to create a dot map, which then tracks the movements of joints and body parts. This information is compared to evidence-based standards of weightlifting patterns. True Adherence then quickly calculates a form score and provides feedback on ways to improve technique.

Bright and Poulin hope to expand their service to a wide variety of fitness activities, from yoga to team sports to running. For Poulin, it’s rewarding when people see improvement and progress over time. “I want people to take joy in knowing that they’re actually doing better with the help of unbiased feedback from our platform,” he said.

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