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Lauren Hash turned her passion for healthy living into an online personal training company, explorWell, while studying exercise science at the University of Utah and participating in programs at the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute.

Hash enjoyed playing sports in high school and college, not only because of the motivating team environment but also because of the great impacts on her health. Prior to her participation in sports, she consumed the standard American diet and didn’t exercise regularly.

“Once I began playing sports and started focusing on my nutrition, I felt all-around better physically and mentally,” she said. “The difference was amazing. I have more energy, can run miles without getting tired, and feel immensely happier when I move my body and eat well.”

Many people, however, are still at the beginning of their health journey and may not know where to even start. It can be difficult to decipher what is actually good for the body when society throws so many different fad diets, “health products,” and juice cleanses at each individual seeking to live healthier.

Because of the impact fitness and nutrition have had on Hash’s life, she knew she had to create a company to help others become their healthiest selves. That led her to major in exercise science and start explorWell.

Hash’s passion to help others shines through when she interacts with her clients. She genuinely cares about helping others feel their best physically and mentally.

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