A Vintage Motorsport Lifestyle

Stephanie Burnham, co-founder of B3 Supply Co, is curating a vintage motorsport lifestyle through clothing and apparel. B3 Supply Co does this through its clothing brand on its online store. “We want to deliver a lifestyle that shows racing and a vintage aspect so that people can live how I like to live,” she said.

Along with an old school motorsports lifestyle, Burnham draws inspiration for B3’s apparel from personal experiences. Social media and magazines are a great source of inspiration for the aesthetic the company embodies. B3 also incorporates social media marketing. Burnham said this element of the company is designed to be a platform to help companies get exposure through social media.

She and her brother and co-founder, Parker Burnham, grew up around motorsports. Through generations of racing in their family, they decided they wanted to share the lifestyle through a business and founded B3 Supply Co. The siblings have learned a lot along the way about what it takes to run a business. After a few close calls on order deadlines, they have transitioned from outsourcing screen printing to doing it on their own.

Burnham is studying marketing and graphic design at the University of Utah. She is also an inaugural member of Lassonde Founders, a residential entrepreneur program at Lassonde Studios and the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute. Burnham said mentors and resources at Lassonde have helped her face the challenges of a young entrepreneur.

Staying accountable as an entrepreneur is critical, Burnham pointed out. “In small businesses, it’s very easy to get off of your timeline and not meet your goals,” she said. “We have milestone meetings in the Founders program, and having that push has been really helpful.” Through these meetings and an entrepreneurial mindset, B3 continues to grow and share the lifestyle of its vintage motorsport brand.

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