Accessibility in Movie Screenings

In an interconnected world where diversity is celebrated, language barriers still persist, even in the realm of entertainment. For movie enthusiasts, the thrill of watching films on the big screen can be dampened by a significant limitation — the language in which movies are presented. Most movie theaters predominantly show films in a single language, usually English, often leaving nonnative speakers feeling excluded.

However, University of Utah mechanical engineering student Christian Langell is on a mission to change this narrative through his startup, ET Soundworks.

ET Soundworks is working to create Bluetooth public broadcast transmitters capable of delivering high-definition audio in multiple languages. This innovative solution has the potential to redefine the way we experience movies in theaters.

What sets ET Soundworks apart from others in the audio technology industry is their unyielding focus on customer empathy.

Langell said, “One of the core values of my company is empathy. Many startups focus solely on profits, but we’re committed to helping people.”

ET Soundworks is currently working closely with movie theater executives and conducting customer discovery to understand the real needs and challenges faced by theaters and nonnative English-speaking audiences.

While ET Soundworks’ primary focus is currently on movie theaters, the technology’s potential extends far beyond the big screen. Language accessibility can be applied to public events, United Nations talks, concerts, and more.

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