My School Dance

App for Managing High School Dances

Say goodbye to the cash box and the physical waivers for your upcoming prom! My School Dance is bringing an era of new technology and ease to over 350 high schools with their online event management platform. 

Taylor Buckley is the brains behind My School Dance. She is also the co-founder and in the Master of Business Creation program at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business. The MBC program is designed for student entrepreneurs launching their startup and has helped the company “tremendously,” Buckley said

Among other successes since My School Dance began in 2018, it was selected out of 100 companies to be included in the 2019 cohort at StartEd, New York’s premier EdTech accelerator.  

“We are a combination of EventBrite and theKnot but for high school dances,” Buckley said. “My School Dance is an end-to-end dance and event management platform that saves teachers and school administrators hours of managing complex school events.” 

My School Dance’s company mission is to enhance the social and emotional wellbeing of students through flawlessly executed school events. Overall, their services assist high schools with online ticket sales, digital form collection, student eligibility management, out-of-school guest management, and a critical safety feature — a check-in system that text alerts parents when their child arrives and leaves dances. 

This platform is free to all high schools. There is a small ticket processing fee for users, typically around $1-3.  

Many competitors in high school event management have focused on all events. Whereas, My School Dance is unique in their focus on dances. In doing so, they build features that will ultimately save users time.

Learn more about the company on their website here:

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