Artsforce is an annual conference for student artists to help them gain profitable skills.

ArtsForce Prepares Artists for Workforce

Students in the College of Fine Arts already push the boundaries of what’s possible, but they are challenging themselves to do even more through a new program called ArtsForce. This two-day conference organized by and for students was the response to a student survey that showed an overwhelming desire to supplement the education about their art with experiences and information to directly prepare them to enter the workforce.

Through workshops, nationally renowned speakers, panels and networking opportunities, ArtsForce sheds light on the professional skills these students are already developing — transferable skills like creative thinking and problem-solving — and helped them create connections in the community and complete practical tasks like building a portfolio. The first-ever ArtsForce conference was held in November 2013, and the impact on the students was profoundly positive.

“Students who participated in the conference walked away with a better understanding of the value of their arts degrees,” said Trevor Myrick, a double major in art history and mathematics, who helped organize the inaugural event.

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