Lassonde Demo Day

Attend Demo Day, Get Seeded Final Event & Alumni After Party on April 29

Join us at Demo Day on Monday, April 29, at Lassonde Studios. The main event will be 5-7 p.m. followed by an Alumni After Party at 7-8 p.m., where you can connect with old friends and meet some new ones. Demo Day is our wrap-up party for the academic year, the final Get Seeded pitch event of the year and a great opportunity for you to meet some of our great startup companies. Join us to enjoy great company, meet some new people, learn about student startups, eat free food and vote on who receives a Get Seeded grant for April. Admission is free and open to everyone.

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  • 5-6 p.m. ­­- Networking, showcasing student companies
  • 6-7 p.m. – Get Seeded Monthly Final Pitch Event and public voting
  • 7-8 p.m. – Alumni After Party

Showcase Participants

Apollo ­­— ­­Connects investors with hedge funds. High net-worth individuals who meet the criteria to be an accredited investor will be able to create a profile for themselves. This profile will include things like their risk tolerance, net worth, amount they plan to invest, etc. Hedge funds will have a similar profile, which includes their value proposition. Apollo will then match them up, similar to a dating app, and allow investors to contact and connect with hedge funds.

APXR Multimedia ­­— Provides an immersive virtual reality experience.

Beacon Sleep Solutions ­­— Product is two-fold: first an app, called The Dream Defender, which helps people set their own thresholds to wake them up for sleep disturbances they hope to avoid. This app is meant to pair with currently existing smart watches to use their heart-rate monitors to native auditory and vibratory alerts. The next product is a tie-in hardware called The Sleep Shield.

Cadre ­­— KPacks is expanding the modular backpack market for children and adults alike by providing an economic, consumable and interactive product that adapts to life’s never ending transitions and everyday activities.

Career Rocket ­­— Website dedicated to connecting students with professionals to help them further their careers.

Catalytic SLC ­­— Catalytic Student-Led-Consulting will be a 501c(3) consulting firm. Its goal is to connect a wide range of students with the opportunity to turn their passion into positive outcomes for issues they care about. It will capture market share through both low costs and service differentiation.

CH Caskets ­­— Seeking to revolutionize caskets with easy to ship and modern-styled caskets.

CleanFare (and Sam Hirsch Consulting) ­­— A mobile app dedicated to improving our health, environment and community by encouraging and rewarding use of alternative transportation.

Clockwork Forge Games ­­— Challenging themselves to create innovative and enjoyable video games.

ColoClean (and New Tobi Yoon Project) ­­— An alternative colonoscopy preparation kit, ColoClean wants to help eliminate the risk of colon cancer by providing an alternative prep that minimizes patient discomfort and facilitates a better procedure.

Coweb Collaborations ­­— Collaborative chat-based software and task-management software meet to form an intuitive environment engineered to maximize performance within group work. With Coweb, you can streamline your workflows, distribute work and set goals or even synchronize your calendars for a convenient meeting time.

Cram ­­— A social-media app that will allow college students to find study partners based on mutual courses and interests. Unlike previous failed attempts at this concept, Cram app will make sure that students can find a wide range of potential study partners by, first, working with universities to enroll students and encourage activity and, second, by offering a much greater degree of profile individualization.

ExploreWell Yoga ­­— Dedicated to your wellness by matching you with your ideal fitness instructor.

Family Friendly Utah ­­— Provides an app designed to alert families of fun things to do with kids.

FHIResponse ­­— A mobile app that allows authorized users to securely access an electronic health record, retrieves and displays only relevant patient health information, such as current diagnoses, list of current medications, hospitalizations and/or past surgeries. This would allow the emergency/crisis responders to quickly respond to requests from law enforcement, other healthcare providers, and/or other community members and provide the responding team with vital information while en route.

Gear Hold Technologies ­­— Provides computer-aided-design services for industrial machinery companies to complete their high-priority, high-load, stagnate and/or stalled CAD projects.

Grip’n’Strip ­­— A company that will produce water-bottle sleeves that will declutter your pockets with a click-and-go feature that also protects your bottle from damage. Their mission is to provide high-quality products that help extend the life of your bottle and carry all of your essential items that leaves you hands-free.

Holy Crepe ­­— A crepe food truck.

KidneyTracker ­­— A dialysis app that allows medical records to be synced to the app and transferred to the dialysis clinic at the patient’s travel destination in an efficient manner.

Kinfara Travel ­­— A10-day tourism package based in and around Jinja, Uganda. It includes tourism services such as lodging, meals, and transportation, that are all provided through local individuals and locally owned companies. It is made up of multiple culturally immersive and community-based tourism activities, including artisan-led craft classes, Nile river boat rides, workshops with local non-profits led by nationals, and a safari.

Little Wanderers Studio ­­— A video-game company whose goal is to educate and uplift people through the powerful medium of video games.

Momentum ­­— Provides a professional-certification program where women can refresh their career skills, find mentorship and achieve meaningful employment that fits their family needs. Not only will the platform help women, Momentum will also become an essential part of companies’ diversity and inclusion initiatives by connecting recruiters to a database of qualified women with unique skills and perspectives.

MounTins ­­— Good eats are what we stand for. But in a booming ski town like Park City, it is often difficult to find that new favorite restaurant. MounTins is here to spice up the dining experience by creating unique incentives for customers to try new and promote the fine locally owned and operated establishments Park City has to offer.

Nalza ­­— Creates covers for ice skates.

NIXE ­­— The eco-conscience intersection of fashion and sustainability. Delivering the functionality you need with the look you secretly want. UT Born. LA Made.

Noisy NICU Cap ­­— A cap designed to protect infants hearing in the NICU

Other Half App ­­— Not just another discount app, Other Half brings value to business by providing discounts based on a buddy system.

PATCH ­­— Dedicated to reducing waste caused by the fashion industry by providing a modern and inexpensive alternative to refurbishing clothes. The company helps repair the clothes you love and give purpose to the ones you don’t.

Project Embrace ­­— An international medical non-profit organization dedicated to reducing global-health inequalities and the promotion of sustainable global healthcare. It does this through the reuse and repurposing of medical devices collected in the United States for developing clinics in low and middle-income communities abroad.

Pureware ­­— Cleaning up the world by creating reusable telescoping stainless steel utensils.

Rexchanger ­­— A website designed to facilitate peer-to-peer outdoor gear rentals.

Scrap ­­— Imagine a social platform that connects businesses in need of recycled materials to businesses that have excess of those materials and vice versa. Scrap is the collaboration point for business-to-business material sourcing solutions, all while encouraging sustainability within companies and spearheading the green movement.

SecondSole ­­— Aims to eliminate the problem of one shoe wearing down faster than the other while skateboarding and foot braking. Its product is a sleek cover for the bottom of your braking foot that keeps your shoes in the perfect condition they were when you first bought them.

SHERO ­­— SHERO is creating biodegradable menstrual pads.

SitUp ­­— A company developing an air-filled, adjustable via remote control bed pad that can lift and lower a person while they’re laying in bed. The product is designed to increase the end-user’s comfort while making everyday tasks easier for caregivers.

Spoonful ­­— The nation’s first on-campus cereal bar. With over 20 cereals to mix and match from, and delivery service that brings you cereal to class, the company wanted to give students the option to eat on campus without breaking their budget.

Store ‘n’ Stick ­­— A company that has developed a new and innovative product that maximizes the storage potential of any backpack by attaching storage space to a backpack efficiently.

The Humanitarium ­­— Does pop-up shows that educate on and encourage people to do humanitarian work in their communities.

Zagros ­­— This idea focuses on affordability and installation ease while advancing engine efficiency and emission reductions by enhanced filtration processes.

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