Students researched community banks and won "National Conference of State Bank Supervisors Case Study Competition"

Better Communities Through Banking

A team of U students went from knowing very little about community banks, which serve local communities, to winning a national case study competition and meeting Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen. Team members included Jenny Flatberg-Lambson, Changsu Lee, Kurt Alan Moore, Brett Welker and Brent Uberty, working with business professor Jack Brittain. They researched how the Bank of American Fork survived the Great Recession and entered a report and video into the national Conference of State Bank Supervisors Case Study Competition. They were all surprised when they learned they had won the competition, which earned them scholarships and the chance to present their findings at the Community Banking Research and Policy Conference in St. Louis. They met Yellen at the conference, where she was the keynote speaker. “Because of what we learned from the bankers, I will always have a much deeper understanding and appreciation of the fundamental role that community banks play in our economy,” Flatberg-Lambson said.


Find this article and a lot more in the 2016 “Student Innovation @ the U” report. The publication is presented by the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute to celebrate student innovators, change-makers and entrepreneurs.

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